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(Nearly) Every American City That’s Both Exciting And Pretty

Some people travel for sunshine and stunning landscapes. Other people travel for an adventure. But what about those explorers who are looking for exciting destinations that are also incredibly beautiful? Sightseeing doesn’t have to just be an educational experience, and a relaxing vacation doesn’t have to include pretty views with no substance. You can have the best of both worlds. Here’s a list of nearly every American city that’s both exciting and pretty. Obviously, there are others, but we don’t want the list to go on endlessly.


Miami is one of the most beautiful and lively cities on the east coast. If you’re looking for an adventure that’s packed full of spectacular views to admire then this is the best destination to put on your “To See” list. You should consider options for boat rental in Miami to cruise the waters surrounding the city. It’s the best way to get a view of all this sun-soaked destination has to offer. You’ll get to see all the glistening skyscrapers, luscious green trees, and crisp white beaches throughout the city.

Of course, you’ll probably want to actually explore some of those places for yourself. You should definitely visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens whilst you’re in the city. This villa is an architectural wonder set in the midst of the spectacular Coconut Grove. Gorgeous gardens sprawl in all directions, but the beauty of this place is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a wonderful collection of European antiques from the 16th and 19th centuries. It’s a fascinating place.

Washington D.C

Washington D.C. is another fantastic city that you simply have to visit, whilst you’re touring America. It’s a great place to see if you want an educational experience that’s aesthetically overwhelming. Historic landmarks litter every inch of D.C. Obviously, you need to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. They’re iconic structures with incredible histories. You should definitely take a tour of the monument to learn more. This beautiful city has a rich history.

Los Angeles

The final city on this list is possibly one of the most stunning and exciting places that America has to offer. It’s definitely the most exciting destination on the west coast. Los Angeles is the home of the rich and the beautiful, but it’s also home to millions of tourists who can’t resist the sunshine, crisp white beaches, and lively culture that comes with this unique city. You need to start by seeing Hollywood. It’s a place like nowhere else in the world. Seeing behind the veil of “movie magic” is intriguing.

You should also head up the Hollywood Hills to see the Griffith Observatory. It’s a fascinating building, and it provides fantastic views of the entire city. You also need to head to the coast to see Venice Beach for yourself. Wandering along the boardwalk is always fun. You’ll see some interesting people. You should also check out the skatepark if you want to see some skilled people doing tricks.