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Top Places to visit in the USA

Oh, America! A land of dreams, greatness and skyscrapers touching the skies, a land of breath taking natural beauties and a land of people who are diverse and yet so much united with each other.

The United States is not just a holiday destination – it is an experience. From the casinos of Las Vegas to the stunning beauty of the American mountains and from the Great Lakes to the Big Apple, there is something special around each and every corner. Therefore, it is only natural to be confused over which are the top places to visit when you reach the USA. If you want some inspiration for your next trip there, make sure you read about the following destinations because each and every one of them has something stunning to offer to its visitors. Whether you choose USA tour holiday packages or to do it solo, here are the places you must visit:


New York

If you were to define the American dream by one city only, then that would definitely be New York. There is something magnificent about this city whichever way you look at it. Its amazing history, its great buildings, its insatiable appetite for culture, fashion, books and beauty in general – all these things make New York City a truly one of a kind place. They don’t call it The Big Apple without reason. They call it this because NYC is the first impact Europeans had with America when they stepped on this land.


The Grand Canyon

What could be more essential for the American geography than their famous Grand Canyon? This is a place that will take your breath away with its colors, with its vibe, with its special fragrance and with is majestic appearance. Go visit the Grand Canyon through the Cape Royal and Angels Window and you are very likely to be spellbound by the greatness and beauty of this place. There is really nothing like it in the whole wide world and the view over the Grand Canyon is one of those images that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life!


Los Angeles

The Angels – it seems to be a great name for a place that really seems to be touched by some kind of supernatural force. Los Angeles is a city of the sun, a city of wellbeing and a city of joy – but a city of decadence and majestic buildings at the same time. If you do get to visit the famous LA, make sure that you take a trip to Hollywood as well – because this is the place from which the entire world has learned about the American greatness. Allow yourself to be fully immersed into the luxury of these places because they are truly, truly unique and overwhelmingly beautiful!