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Visit Turkey in 2016

It’s hard to find a destination which offers the culture, history, and architecture you’ll find in Turkey. Straddling both Europe and Asia, this is a country which has been historically and strategically important since the days of Julius Caesar.

For those who like to eat, you can’t go wrong with Turkey. Turks see eating as a time to catch up with family and friends, and with dishes like baklava, you may need to ensure that you work out when you get home.

Stroll through the ancient bazaars, relax on sandy beaches, and hike the majestic mountains. If you travel to Turkey make sure to check out these amazing places:



Istanbul is one of the most popular places to visit in Turkey and for good reason. The great mix of both European and Asian culture has given it a unique food scene, and the authentic Ottoman food is delicious. For those who like nightlife, Istanbul has some of the best bars in Europe, and for those who like to shop up a storm you’ll find modern shopping centres, the Grand Bazaar and some amazing local designers.


Antalya is located on the Turkish Riviera and is close to Karain- the oldest settlement in Turkey. Antalya is now a metropolis which has somehow retained a small-town, old-fashioned feel. With numerous buses traveling between beaches, and plenty of water sports on offer, Antalya is a great option for a few days.



More than a million tourists flock to Bodrum every summer, drawn to the clubs, hotels and beaches. Which there are plenty of popular Turkish getaway,s Bodrum has only recently been “discovered”, and older residents remember it as a small fishing village, and now has an elegance which makes it stand out from other similar spots.

This is a historical site, and visitors must visit Bodrum Castle which is now fully renovated and home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. For those who enjoy clubbing, having a few drinks in a bar, trying delicious local food, and scuba diving, Bodrum will tick all your boxes.


While many people consider Istanbul to be the capital, Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city. This is a young, vibrant town with a huge amount of students and the centre of the Turkish government. Expect to see students, hipsters and tourists all rubbing shoulders in the booming restaurant scene, enjoying coffee in cute sidewalk cafes, and enjoying the dynamic street life.



Not many people have heard of Izmir, making it a good place to visit if you want to get away from other tourists. This city is the centre of commerce, and if you want to do some travel through the rest of the country it makes a good base. With Jewish, Greek, Levantine and Armenian heritage, this city is laid-back, liberal, and has a reputation for cultural foresight. Be sure to visit during June or July to see the International Arts Festival.