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Ways to Improve Your Travels This Year

If you’re like most people, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to make travel easier, more fun, and more relaxing.

For people aiming to improve their travels this year, here are some top tips:

Carry on

Sure, logically we know that traveling carry on is one of the best ways to make the whole process go more smoothly. So why do so few of us do it? If you really want to make travel less stressful, taking fewer things is the way to go.

Grab a carry on suitcase that meets the limits imposed by the airlines and do some research about how the weather will be at your destination. You’ll also find plenty of articles and packing guides online for traveling carry on, and if you’re worried about running out of clothes you can always take a small portable clothesline (or even some thick string or thin rope) along with some clothes washing detergent to ensure you don’t run out of underwear and t-shirts.


Focus on your health

There are few things worse than getting sick while traveling, but it happens often since people are often tired, jetlagged, and trapped in a germ machine (airplane) for hours at a time. While you’re at home before you travel, be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, take your vitamins and get any necessary immunisations.

Organise airport transfers

Making your way through customs, strolling past the baggage carousel and straight out the airport door and into a waiting car feels like something reserved for the rich and famous. There are few things worse than standing in line, negotiating with taxi drivers or trying to figure out the public transport system in a new city, especially if you’ve already been traveling for hours. The answer? Check out Blacklane, which has professional drivers located around the world in more than 50 countries and 180 cities. For those visiting New York, the airport transfers are remarkably good value.


App in out

Whatever you need to do while traveling, it’s safe to say that there’s probably an app for it. We all know that smartphones make traveling more fun and entertaining, and boredom is less likely to strike when we have the internet, music and videos at our fingertips.

But apps also make traveling much easier, with favorites like Waze, Foursquare and Google Maps excellent for navigation, Wechat, Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook making communication easier, and XE currency, Loungebuddy, Kayak, and hotel tonight ensuring that you can organise and adjust your plans on the go.

Take travel insurance

It may seem unnecessary while you’re at home and safe, but it’s easy to get bit by a bad mosquito and end up with dengue or trip on a cobblestone and break your arm. If you’re traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language it’s crucial that you have travel insurance so you can be directed towards the best hospital and have your injuries covered.