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What You’ll Want to Do on Your Next Trip to Vegas?

In a 24-hour town that’s bustling with activity, there’s no shortage of fun things to do. The challenge then becomes, what should I do? Well, if you’ve already gone the more traditional Vegas-trip route (gambling at the big casinos and hitting up the major clubs), keep your planner open because there’s a lot more to see and do in the city that never sleeps.

Over half of those activities are off the Strip, too. Your friends will be impressed when you let them know you ventured off the glittery path and explored as the locals do. To revel in all that Vegas has to offer, be sure to try one of these things on your next trip.

Pool Party it Up

Luckily, it’ll start warming up soon, and that’s when Sun City really starts to shine. If you haven’t hit a genuine Vegas pool party yet, you’re sincerely missing out. The desert town invented the day club pool party, so it’s right to assume that they know how to do it best.

You can find a pool at nearly every casino, and they typically come equipped with cabanas and food and drink options. Some of them even offer live entertainment, such as the Go Pool DayClub at the Flamingo, the Mandalay Bay Beach, and the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan.

Kayak to Emerald Cove

While you can find a pool at nearly every turn, it’s not the only place you can take a dip in the valley. One way to truly appreciate the desert landscape is to fully immerse yourself in it. And there’s no better way to do that than with a kayaking excursion!

It’s a secret side of Sin City that most people don’t know exists, and it’s super easy to arrange. You can organize a day trip with Kayak Lake Mead or Desert Adventures, where rentals and guided/self-guided trips are offered. If you want to experience the mesmerizing green waters of the Emerald Cove in Black Canyon, this is the only way to go.

Check Out An A-Lister’s Residency Show

In the past, Vegas residencies were once reserved for big timers who weren’t actively making new music but looking for a place to park to share their best collection of work. Think reputable singers who’ve reached “Greatest Hits Album” status.

In the past five years, that’s complete shifted. Vegas residencies are now the cool thing for performers who are still selling out world-wide tours. Think: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and Drake. There’s never been a better time to catch an A-list musician in regular rotation than right now in Vegas.

Online Casinos are Available, Too

If you’re used to playing the same slots, tables, and casinos when you come to Vegas, why not try something new and gamble online, too? With online casinos, the excitement never stops, even from the comfort of your hotel room!

You can still get a similar level of real money action when you play online, while increasing the odds, bonuses, and variety of game play for yourself. What’s better is that players who access some of the best Nevada online casinos are welcomed as first-time users on the site with a slew of exciting promotions. You can’t beat that.

Visit the Neon Museum

What’s the city of bright lights without a museum that pays homage to the hundreds of iconic, vintage signs that’s been lightening it up since the start? It’s undoubtedly one of Vegas’ coolest museums and one that will very much put you more in tune with the city, allowing you to appreciate the glitz and glamour of it all.

Besides the cool signs and memorabilia, the experience is heightened with “Brilliant” – a light and video display by artist Craig Winslow that brings the signs to life, and the background music that infuses the entire Vegas experience throughout the years. Last fall/winter, the Neon Museum hosted “Lost Vegas,” an exhibition of original fine art by the famed Tim Burton.

Go to Chinatown

Major cities like San Francisco and Manhattan get all the credit for having amazing Chinatowns, but Vegas deserves to roll in the ranks here too. It has an amazingly under-hyped Chinatown that’s only a few blocks west of the Strip on Spring Mountain Road. It’s an incredible hub of culture and cuisine, offering an unexpected variety of dishes.

From the experimental fusion you can enjoy at Sparrow + Wolf, Vietnamese food you can indulge in at any hour of the day at the 24-hour Pho King Long, a delicious cocktail you can grab at the fun Golden Tiki, to the karaoke bars that run amuck it, you’ll be glad you spent some time here.

Enjoy the New Park MGM

Vegas’ newest $650 million renovation of the old Monte Carlo into the now Park MGM has been well-worth the investment. The Park MGM includes the Park promenade (the outdoor promenade/entertainment district that leads to T-Mobile Area) and the Park Theater. It’s one of the most exciting properties on the Strip.

It offers superb dining options, including NoMad Restaurant; famous for its Beauty & the Beast book-lover décor, Bavette’s; American steakhouse, and Best Friend; Roy Choi’s L.A. street food-Korean/Mexican fusion-90s fantasy concept. It also has the coolest club on the Strip, the low-key speakeasy On The Record. There you’ll find a “secret” cocktail lounge behind a wall made of cassette tapes.

Take a Hike

As bustling and energetic as you’ll find Vegas to be when you’re down in the action on the Strip, you’ll find there is a direct opposite, quiet desert oasis to enjoy in nearby Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon faces west, nestled about 19 short miles away from the Strip. Take a hike along the stunning Calico Tanks Trail, where you’ll walk alongside gorgeous red and yellow sandstone slopes. It’s a 2.5 mile round trip that rewards you with a pond and overlook of Las Vegas.