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Where to go in Europe: For Food

Food is one of the highlights of any trip. Trying new things. Finding things you hate. Finding things you love. I even go as far as learning to cook while I travel and have taken cooking classes in both Nicaragua and Thailand. I’d love to take more. Local dishes tell you so much about the community, how they eat, and how the culture is. I love exploring a new place and through their most popular dishes is one of my favourite ways.

So where to go, when you’ve got a free itinerary and a hungry tummy?

There are so many places to go for food. My favourite countries for food are Thailand, India and Italy. Perhaps the best region to travel to in the search of a good meal is Europe, because there are so many countries within such a small space. If you wanted to, you could eat each meal in a separate country within the same day, which is just awesome. So where to go and what to have?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

The following infographic is awesome because it allows you to see the most popular dishes, the street food, the prices and the local food festivals of all the countries in Europe. You can plan your next trip around Europe based on this advice and where you’ll find the best food. Sounds like a great way to plan your next holiday, right?