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Why you should Visit Denver

While many people are planning trips to Miami and New York, anyone who is looking for something a little different should ensure that their next trip is to Denver.

Denver, Colorado is often a stepping-off point for those who want to ski in Vale and Aspen, but the city is so much more than a place to stop on the way to somewhere else.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Denver


Rocky Mountain National Park

Rock Mountain National Park was chosen by National Geographic as one of the “Best Trips 2014”, and for good reason. This national park is almost 100 years old and located just 70  miles from Denver, picture 400 square miles of unspoiled and incredible scenic beauty, with hiking trails, waterfalls, horseback riding, wildlife and tranquil lakes. If you’ve been meaning to get outdoors, this is the place to do it.

The Beer

Denver is repeatedly listed as one of the greatest beer cities in the world, and home to Coors Brewery- the largest single brewing site in the world. Denver also has the Great American Beer Festival every September which is the largest beer festival on earth.


Delicious Food

Chefs in Denver have been working with local farms for years, using Colorado’s fresh produce, organically raised meats and artisanal cheese to produce dishes that are innovative, eco-friendly and delicious.

Great Art

While the museums in Denver have amazing artworks, you’ll also find whimsical sculptures and gorgeous murals throughout the city. This art is part of Denver’s Public Art Program which has resulted in more than 150 incredible works of art all around the city.


The Outdoors

Denver gets 300 days of sunshine each year (more than San Diego and Miami), so residents are all about the outdoors, sipping beer at cafes, rafting down rivers and biking through the city. The Denver B-cycle is a bike sharing program which allows residents and visitors to use red Trek Bikes which are available at more than 80 convenient stations around the city for a small fee. There are also 200 parks within the city with jogging paths, picnic tables, basketball courts and paddle boats.

The Snow

In the winter you can ski or snowboard at some of the best resorts in the world, located just 2 hours from the city. While this shouldn’t be your main reason to visit Denver (since the city has so much else going for it), there’s no reason why you can’t tie a visit to the city in with a larger winter vacation.

The History

Denver continually aims to preserve its Old West legacy and visitors can wander through the urbanized city while still finding history throughout. Be sure to visit the History Colorado Centre, Buffalo Bill grave and Museum, Four Mile Historic Park, and the American Museum of Western Art.

If you’ve been meaning to visit Denver, don’t put it off for any longer. There are plenty of hotels in Denver which offer great rates and a good location to make sure your trip is amazing.