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How self storage can help business owners

As a business owner, finding the right partners to reduce risk, ensure flexibility and keep expenses as low as possible is key. Challenges will naturally come your way, but if you are able to develop a strategic and tactical approach to the daily running of your business, things will run far more smoothly.

Operational challenges are usually the most common and a key objective of most businesses is to ensure that operations run efficiently in order to succeed, build growth and avoid costly obstacles.

An increasingly popular and successful strategy for SMEs in particular is to take advantage of self storage. More and more business owners are turning to these secure facilities to help with the logistics of running their business.

Here’s why:

Improved security

Self storage companies like HenfieldStorage understand that your stock is the backbone of your business and so these facilities will feature a lot of security. This generally includes monitored by CCTV and the units that are individually alarmed so that you can rest easy at night knowing that your stock is safe and secure. Make sure you find a company that offers units that are clean and tidy especially if you are storing filing and other paperwork.


Self storage will save your business money. Most self storage companies offer a variety of unit size options and flexible lease agreements that will allow you to upsize or downsize at no extra cost. Make sure you do your shopping though to see which self storage companies give you the flexibility you need and the options that will best suit your business.


Businesses that you partner with should also make things easier for you. Generally, self storage facilities are conveniently located in key areas across the country so that you can spend less time on the road and arranging logistics, and more time on your business. This can save you time travelling from your office to your clients if you are able to use a business storage facility as a depot of sorts.

Self storage is one way of partnering with a third party to help your business grow. If you do your research, you’ll be able to find the right partners for your business that will help you reduce risk and drive growth.