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How to Find a Cost-effective London Office

More and more offices are being set up in London, with classic buildings being converted and brand new high rise towers appearing all the time. The city is still the UK’s financial capital and a hotspot for thousands of brand new start-ups, appealing to any business looking to take the next step up.
As a large city there are numerous options for finding an office in London. Small businesses looking for a new base in the capital will be on the lookout for the most cost-effective choices and there are a number of ways to go about this.

Look on the Outskirts

The office market boom has seen a lot of companies become priced out of the traditional business districts. While many people will complain about how expensive it is to live and rent in London there are plenty of much more affordable options on the city’s outskirts.

Areas like Colliers Wood (or Collywood to the locals) are much more affordable and still on the tube line, making it easily accessible in the south of London. In general it is many of the southern areas that prove a lot cheaper to rent office space in, although Enfield in the north is relatively affordable.

Search Serviced Offices

Serviced offices come at a higher price than simply renting office space but based on what’s included they can be a more cost-effective choice. The serviced offices in London available through Landmark PLC are available in top London locations such as Holland House near the Gherkin and Heron Tower.

All serviced offices offer a flexible lease, with the ability to expand or decrease the amount of space used and for the length of time. So, if your business grows or shrinks you won’t end up in trouble. Support services including onsite IT and reception staff are available along with all the facilities required to run your company smoothly.

Make the Most of Desk Rental

An even more flexible choice is the current desk rental trend. Rather than occupying an entire office based on a fixed term, this allows people to use a shared work space with workers from other companies at a fraction of the price.

It is only really suitable for small businesses with few employees and is best as an in between step from moving into London. However, there are desk rental spaces all over the capital so, if location is key for you it is worth considering.