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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

For those who have worked in an office for a long time, you’ll probably already know that they’re sometimes not as productive as you would think. Often, the problem is low staff engagement, which is when staff are merely clocking in and out, and couldn’t really care less about how productive the company is as a whole.

Here are some ways you can increase productivity in the workplace:


Keep it Clean

No one wants to work somewhere that’s dusty, dirty or sticky. There’s nothing worse than walking into a bathroom that needs a good clean or trying to heat up your lunch in a staff lunchroom that looks like it hasn’t had a good scrubbing in months. It’s hard to stay positive and keep your morale up at work when it’s not clean and healthy, so check out AMC Commercial Cleaning so you can ensure that your staff take fewer sick days and enjoy being at work.

Team Building

Mention team building and it’s likely that you’ll see at least a few people roll their eyes. However many people believe that team building activities result in better work environments and closer teams- both of which increase productivity in the workplace. Team building has actually vastly improved over the past few years, and are often designed by HR staff and psychologists and used to create better environments and foster better relationships in the office.

Taking a day for team building is a great way to allow your employees to have some fun and relax, while giving them the opportunity to introduce themselves to other people who they may not have met yet. Since we’re often consumed by deadlines at work giving your employees a break and some time to hang out together is a great way to boost productivity.


Ditch Micromanagement

Think about the last time someone micromanaged the way you work. It’s likely that it made you annoyed right? No one enjoys this feeling, and if you’re hiring the right people, you shouldn’t need to manage every task that they do. In fact it’s more likely that you’ll find your staff members completely shutting down if their managers insist on overseeing every detail of the things they’re doing.

Inspire staff

We all spend a lot of time at work, and most people want to feel like they’re contributing to something bigger than themselves and making a difference in some way. It’s important that you hire people who believe in the goals of your business and are excited to work with you. The leaders within your team should be injecting life into meetings, inspiring your staff, and creating environments where everyone wants the business to do well as a whole.

Since humans are naturally attracted to careers and jobs that are meaningful and want to work in a place that lets them do things that they’re passionate about, be sure to regularly check in with employees and ensure that they know how they’re contributing to your company’s mission.