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SOS (Sick Or Save)! Pulling Together Financially When You’re Off Work

There is nothing more difficult than when you have to take time off work because you are sick. When you struggle with an inconsistent income, the big problem in saving money becomes an even bigger one. Maybe you’ve been trying your best to save anyway, but a bug struck and you were bedbound, or you ended up having a lengthy time off work because of a long-term illness. But when we face these inevitable problems, what can we do to ensure that we get over these issues?

Understanding Your Rights And Benefits

It’s or dependent on where you live, and if you have no chance of getting sick pay, you have to find other ways to recoup the loss. It may consist of a long fight to recover money, especially if you have to get a law firm involved, but legal representation can help with lost money due to being off sick- it depends on the unique circumstances. While it’s not an employer’s right to give you sick pay, especially if you are classed as a contractor or a freelancer, it’s surprising how few of us know what we are entitled to. It’s best to go to your local government organization as a starting point.

Pulling Together Financially

It’s important, if you have people depending on your ability to earn, that you distribute the duties appropriately. You all have to pull together, especially when you’re a family unit, this means making alterations to your lifestyle. When you are trying to save money, lifestyle alterations are essential, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Instead, you can find ways to save money by getting a cheaper utility provider, as well as looking at your finances to see if there are things you are spending too much on. Ultimately, we all have to live within our means, but it’s surprising that so many of us have insurmountable credit card bills to pay, so we never do live within our means. If you have insurance, this can help, but rather than using it to pay out so you can continue your lifestyle, making short-term alterations won’t just provide financial respite now, but it will help over the ensuing years.

Getting Back On Your Feet

The temptation could be to go back to work full-time, because you lost so much money, but this is where calculating how much money you realistically need to make, in comparison to how much you used to make, comes in handy. If you’re self-employed, the temptation is to go and get as much work as physically possible, but if you are still recovering, is this stress that you really need? Instead, taking the opportunity to get back on your feet means taking it slow, and giving yourself that breathing space to get back to 100%.

When we are off sick, it can feel like we need to shout “SOS”, but as with any financial setback, there are resources available to you, but it’s not just about taking advantage of everything that’s out there, you have to make the necessary changes, but also remember the fact that your health takes priority.