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The Ingredients You Need For A Career In The Food Industry

Following your passion and making what you love to do a viable career is the dream of many. You relish any opportunity to head into the kitchen and enjoy spending hours cooking up your latest culinary creations to test out on friends and family. Only now are you considering giving up the secure and stable 9 – 5 to venture into the world of food full time. While a restaurant may be a few years away, you still want a business that allows you to make your own food day in, day out. You are keen to branch out on your own and set up your own food business. Take a look at these tips to help you find the perfect recipe to kick start your new career.


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What Sort Of Business Are You?

You don’t have to lease a premises and set up a restaurant immediately. There are plenty of other gastronomic avenues that you may wish to explore. The emergence of street food in recent years has seen more rustic dishes from all over the world appear at corporate events, social gatherings and food festivals like those listed at Come summer time, there are many city centers full of street vendors offering up delicious Vietnamese sticky beef wraps straight from the back of a tuk tuk or Sri Lankan vegan chickpea curries and roti from a converted horse box. If you are offering up unique cuisine and can serve it in a kooky way, then street food may be the way to go for your food adventure.

On the other hand, a more formal dining experience might be what you are searching for. You could look into catering for events such as weddings, christenings, and parties. You could go into people’s home kitchens and cook up a culinary storm of five courses complete with amuse bouche setting up an at home gourmet extravaganza.


As with any business, you’ll need to ensure you have enough capital to purchase a business vehicle and equipment such as a biro bandsaw as well as your ingredients. You could explore the option of a start up loan like the ones provided by These loans are specifically for those businesses just starting out with preferential interest rates and manageable repayment plans. You could venture down the business angel route to secure financial investment or inquire about help from family and friends. It goes without saying that you need to demonstrate confidence in your own company by investing some of your own money. If you head to the bank and they see your sporty little number parked outside as you explain to them that you haven’t put a single penny of your own cash into the business, alarm bells will begin to ring.


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As well as cooking incredible food and clueing yourself up as to the practicalities of running a business, you need to be driven, determined and able to overcome barriers as and when they are placed in front of you. Running your own business is tough, but if you get it right, you will be able to reap the rewards and have a fruitful career in the food industry.