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Why Is It Important To Learn English

We live in a global village where privacy, peace, and quiet are considered archaic. The bright side is that the globalization and internet, have enabled us to communicate with speed and across distance never before seen in human history.

This communication is key of business, traveling, education, entertainment, etc. In order to fully utilize this power, it is important to have a common ground, a sort of global language. At this point in history, that language is English.

I wanted to find out more about how important English is in our everyday lives, so I visited the College of English Language. Here are a few aspects of life for which it is important to know this language.

Global communication

Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. A modern man has a profile on a number of modern social networks for various reasons. Some seek attention or want to be informed, others want to meet new people or stay in touch with their friends and family around the world.

However you use social networks, one thing is in common, and that is the English language. Celebrities and other famous people on Tweeter generally write in English because they want their followers from all over the world to be able to understand them.

You don’t have to expand your close circle of friends for which you use social networks, but if you do, relying only on your mother tongue might not just cut it.

Online forums like Reddit or Youtube or many others are used as a common platform where people can share thoughts, opinions and most importantly, information, which is one of the most valuable resources today.


Traveling has never been cheaper or more accessible than now. ‘’What a small world we live in’’ finally has a more literal meaning because it is much easier to see different countries on different continents even, discover new cultures, languages, and ways of life.

If you want to be able to travel around the world with ease and carefree, English is your friend. Where ever you go and whoever you want to talk to, English will be your tool.

Even if your interlocutor knows just a couple of words, they will do their best to answer your questions. It is not even considered advantageous, but a matter of common literacy.


Music, films, video games, etc. The vast number of these products are all in English. Sure, films can be synchronized, but when you do that the original flavor and voices of actors are lost.

Music itself is the universal language, and you definitely can enjoy it without understanding the lyrics, yet music is a great tool for learning new languages, especially English. Youtube as one of the primary sources of entertainment on the internet can also be an amazing learning platform. Not only can you learn something new, or upgrade your knowledge passively by watching videos, but there are also language courses you can listen to for free. It is apparent that it can actually be hard to isolate yourself from the English language as it is present everywhere, but the good thing is that by being bombarded every day with so much information you are going to learn it passively over time anyway, without putting too much effort.


Selling your product globally is ultimately the goal of any serious business. You can be a skilled craftsman and produce quality wares with competitive prices, but in reality, being able to sell your product to everyone will bring you earnings.

English is the gateway to the rest of the world, especially now that faster communication and traveling enable people from many different countries to come together and discuss different business topics. Working online would be next to impossible without English.