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How to Support a Travel Lifestyle?

Faced with the option to travel anywhere in the world, modern man can now explore any city, even the most remote places on Earth, at any time of the year. While the world is so big, with modern technology, the ability to travel by plane to any country and the idea that everything is within our reach due to economic developments like globalisation, the world is also very small. While some people still travel once or twice a year, there are others, the wandering souls, who are not satisfied with that and area eager to explore all there is, to live in different countries, without being tied down to a certain place for more than a couple of months and who, like no one else understand the meaning of having your life in one suitcase. While it may seem difficult and almost impossible at first, there are ways in which you can continue earning income to support such a travelling lifestyle, even far away from home – or rather, the place where you think home is.


One of the first options that you now have available, is of course, working online. From being a freelance writer, to performing translation projects and transcribing audio and video files – there are multiple jobs that anyone can do, as long as you have access to a computer and internet. Apart from that, you also have administrative jobs, such as being a virtual assistant or a part-time bookkeeper. If you know about computers, you also have the possibility to find jobs in programming or anything IT-related. Or even freelance jobs and projects in Sales & Marketing! With the world around us changing, businesses and corporations are changing their organisation and form as well – when you can hire specialists for specific projects, you not only save money, but also ensure that you choose the best candidate for that task. While these projects may take a lot of your free time that you would otherwise spend on the beach, the key is to assign a couple of days of the week to work and the rest – for recreation, or vice-versa.

Another idea is to do something hands-on, like waitressing, or working at a bar, while you are on the go. This way, not only will you be able to earn some cash, but also have the possibility to meet interesting people, socialise and just enjoy the local way of life. If the idea of waiting on tables does not appeal to you, you can become a teacher. While you may not have been a straight-A student at school, the one thing that you can teach others, is – English! Foreign countries, especially in Asia, are always looking for native speakers who can teach locals for a decent income. And while such a job may not necessarily require special education or certificates, it is always better to have some proof of your English skills.


Another idea of working while travelling abroad is to teach something you know, which is sports-related. There are gyms everywhere now, and if you are an experienced nutritionist, or a yoggi, you can find a job teaching that. It will be not only an exciting opportunity to travel to various countries, but you can also learn about local culture, make friends and earn a stable income. The same can be done with surfing, or snowboarding, as long as you have experience with these sports, you can offer your services to teach them.

Travelling to a foreign country is an exciting way of exploring the world, understanding yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. While all these adventures are fun and thrilling, if you wish to pursue this as a lifestyle, it is best to find a mobile job that you can have even away from home. Finding a way to earn income while on the go is an essential part of anyone who is a world wanderer. While being a renowned blogger is a dream come-true, it might take a while to get world-recognition, so start with something smaller, something that you know how to do and can teach others.