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June 2016

3 Effective Tips in Getting Your Business Loan Approved

Everyone is hoping to have their own business and be the boss, but doing this, it takes time and requires many things like finding an office, hiring employees and many more. To put up a business, you need a capital. You may already have the money and resources that you need but along the way, financial conflicts may arise that you would need a back up to continue what you

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How to Send Money from the US to the Dominican Republic

While most of your financial transactions likely take place within the US, there will come a time when you need to do business elsewhere, such as the Dominican Republic. Sharing money between friends or businesses in the US is never a problem, but when it comes to sending money internationally, finding a quick and inexpensive tool can be challenging, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Thankfully, you do have

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Planning Business Travel: Why Meeting Face to Face is Still Important

Digital technology has made it easier than ever before to conduct business from the comfort of the office. Email, video conferencing and of course the use of phones all play a crucial role when it comes to operating in the global economy, but with around 8 million business trips being made every year from the UK alone it would seem that many businessmen and women still like to meet face

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The Future of Financial Technology – One Making Payments Using Contactless

Technavio, a leading market research company, recently announced the top three trends in the global contactless smart cards market. The research indicates that we will see the emergence of multi-application smart cards, as well as the introduction of hybrid smart cards and the increased adoption of electronic purses. This new technology will work alongside existing tech, such as contactless payment via your bankcard and your mobile phone. This news has

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4 Workout Tips to Keep You Motivated this Winter

LOSE WEIGHT FAST! SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN WINTER! Ahh, excellent! Now that we’ve got your attention (and gotten all that nonsense out of the way), we can get down to business. Winter is dreary. Winter is miserable. Winter is… cold! Getting out of bed in these conditions (especially in the small hours of the morning) takes superhuman will, making it tough to stay motivated through the chilly months. If

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Use Financial Discipline and Personal Resolve to Rein In Spending

Without active measures balancing household spending, you may experience cash flow inconsistencies at home. One uncomfortable condition occurs when spending overshadows personal income, creating imbalance and subsequent financial turmoil. And although occasional short-term difficulties are a natural part of personal money management, hedging against financial distress creates a more consistent, stable cash flow, increasing your financial security. With so many demands straining your personal budget, what can you do to

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Is the Big White Wedding a Tradition no Longer?

Online voucher code website My Voucher Codes recently conducted a survey that found that 44% of couples are not planning to have a ‘white wedding’ and only 20% are interested in having the traditional wedding. A traditional white wedding usually includes a formal or church ceremony, a sit-down meal with three courses, music, decorations and cake. It also includes a full wedding party including bridesmaids, groomsmen, a ring bearer and

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