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June 2017

How To Save Your Money And Resist The Urge To Splurge

The freedom of having money is a double-edged sword for many people. Your cushy job gives you disposable income every month, but it’s easy to go a little overboard with the freedom to spend that. It’s important that you fix your relationship with money before it’s too late because it needs to be a necessity first and a luxury second. That means you should be prioritizing all the utility bills,

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Planning For A Comfortable Retirement

Retirement: it’s coming towards you all your working life, but have you planned for it?  Do you have a 401k, an annuity and a plan for how much you’re going to need? Or are you like one-third of Americans who have nothing saved for their retirement? Many people who start to look at retirement planning find the array of options so bewildering and complex, that they are paralysed by confusion and end up

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Designing Your Front Yard: Questions To Ask Yourself

The front of your house and its accompanying yard is an area worth more thought than you might initially think. It’s quite literally the first impression which, contrary to the belief of the saying, you will have the chance to make twice. And again, and again… every time you come home from work or just out having fun, you’re going to notice the front of your yard. Not only is

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Ensure You Insure Right

When taking out insurance, whether personal or for your business, there are so many things to consider which are skipped over in a lot of cases. It is important to assess just what you are getting from each policy. This is not only to aid your financial circumstances, but to ensure your own peace of mind. Home Insurance Whether you are paying a mortgage for a property or are renting,

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5 ‘Need to Know’ Facts about Served Office Space in Indonesia

The popularity of flexible office space is on the rise across Southeast Asia and Indonesia is no exception. This beautiful island paradise is in the midst of fast-paced development. Every year, it welcomes more foreign investors and provides funding for an increasing number of startups and small businesses. One of its biggest assets, therefore, is commercial real estate. There is a broad variety of work environments on offer here and

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