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5 ‘Need to Know’ Facts about Served Office Space in Indonesia

The popularity of flexible office space is on the rise across Southeast Asia and Indonesia is no exception. This beautiful island paradise is in the midst of fast-paced development. Every year, it welcomes more foreign investors and provides funding for an increasing number of startups and small businesses.

One of its biggest assets, therefore, is commercial real estate. There is a broad variety of work environments on offer here and companies are encouraged to find conditions which truly match their needs, rather than compromising for the sake of affordability. The evolution of serviced offices, for example, is helping small businesses secure high quality at low costs.

Keep reading to find out more about serviced workspaces and why they are such a valuable tool for entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

The Terms Are Flexible

The best-serviced providers understand that financial agility is everything for small businesses. So, they don’t try to lock tenants into unsuitable terms. At Servcorp Indonesia, for example, there are no permanent contracts. You can stay as long as you want, but you’re not trapped.

While some facilities charge by the employee (or desk), this provider offers comprehensive office packages. They can be changed or terminated at any time. If you need to add a certain feature or resource (like secretarial assistance), you can just edit your agreement.


The Rent Is Rolling

This unique level of flexibility works because the fees are paid on a rolling monthly basis. In other words, tenants keep being charged for every new month unless they request a termination of their agreement. However, there are no penalties for deciding to do this early.

All logistical and utility expenses are included as part of this fee. Heating, lighting, air conditioning, broadband, and cleaning requirements are all covered by the monthly charge. Some resources (such as boardroom access) can be hired for an extra ‘one off’ sum.

There Is No ‘Standard’ Office

The whole point of going serviced is that it gives you the opportunity to shape your office and corporate resources. Consequently, there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ workspace here. The perfect environment is different for everybody and you’re encouraged to create your own.

Some serviced facilities have lunch rooms, video conferencing centres, shower stalls, 24/7 receptionists, and a whole host of other features. The secret to success is to pick out the ones, which offer the most value to your business and minimise waste by eliminating the rest.

The Locations Are Superb

If all of that weren’t enough, most serviced offices can be found in the best parts of the city. In Indonesia, this means in areas like the International Financial Centre Tower of Jakarta. It is a prestigious spot, right at the heart of the action. This is where the big market players are found.

Grabbing such an impressive corporate address is one way to ensure that investors and customers think of your brand in the right way. It attracts attention, adds credibility, and places you among other renowned Indonesian companies.

They Will Help You to Grow

For all of the reasons already mentioned, serviced offices are a great way to grow a business in a safe and secure manner. You’ll never get trapped in unsuitable conditions, even if your financial circumstances change because you have the freedom to alter the lease.

Plus, many serviced facilities also include shared areas designed for coworking and collaboration. They are a superb networking tool, particularly if you are new to the region and want to make connections fast. These offices bring together people from all walks of life.