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June 2017

Customer Facing vs. Office Jobs: Sharing Is Caring

If you’ve around the social media world lately, you’ve probably come across the concept that sharing is caring. You know the principle. The social media platforms have trained people to become a generation of sharers. There’s a natural need to express your feelings publicly as a comment on your everyday life or a specific event. In the business world, sharing may be less of an emotional pool in which you

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe From Thieves

It’s always in the back of our minds when we’re not at home. Did I lock the back door? Did I leave the straighteners on? They are questions we ask ourselves at least once a week. Keeping your home safe is important, and you need to do whatever you can to protect it and the things in it. It’s not just about losing the things you’ve spent years building up,

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Subtle Interview Tips For The Shy Job Hunter

Introverted people face quite a few hurdles in their life. Their shyness can become quite burdensome in social scenarios, and they might feel like it holds them back in their career. If they can even get their foot on the career ladder in the first place, that is. If there is one professional aspect that many shy job hunters have trouble with, it is succeeding at the interview stage of

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How To Bounce Back When Bad Weather Threatens Your Home

When you live in an area that is commonly affected by severe weather conditions, you can often find that your home starts to suffer. But, sometimes, it just can’t deter you. When you love your home, even the threat of extreme weather can’t get you to move. So, what are you supposed to do? As you start to experience bad weather, you can often feel like it’s slowly going to

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Build Your Muscles on a Budget

Building lean muscle has been shown to improve overall body mass, strength and health in men and women of all ages so why wait to get started? Don’t let your tight budget deter you from changing your lifestyle, there are many ways to build muscles without breaking the bank. Why Build Your Muscles? You don’t have to want to be a bodybuilder to work on your muscles. The health benefits

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Alternative investment opportunities you probably hadn’t thought of

Though it’s difficult to say much for certain in the current political climate, times are especially freewheeling with regards to traditional investment markets. In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, commentators expected property prices to plummet, but they held true. After Donald Trump was elected President of the US, stocks around the world fluctuated wildly. With more uncertainty ahead, you’d be forgiven for wanting to avoid risk and for

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Invest Your Trust In Investments

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t want to take control of their finances once and for all. Nothing is quite so slippery as money! We may all vary in how much we earn, and our spending priorities, but we do have that constant struggle in common. Another thing we often have in common is how we choose to increase our earnings. On our quest for more, we look to

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The True Cost of Owning a Car

We all know that cars can be pretty expensive to run. There is the initial cost of getting car, and then there are ongoing costs to use and take care of the car. This is nothing new, though, we all know what to expect when it comes to deciding to get a car. The costs can all add up. But do any of us really know the true cost of

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Some Of The Best Roles In Finance

If you have always wanted a job in the world of finance, then you do have plenty of jobs to choose between. Or maybe you are already in that industry, and you’re thinking to change to something new, something a bit different. Either way, the sheer quantity of roles that are available means that you are bound to be able to find something that suits you. When looking for any

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Are You Really Ready To Buy A Home?

There are a range of benefits to owning the property you live in, but there are just as many downsides that need to be considered. If you’ve been hopping from rented property to rented property for a while now, but you’re not sure if you’re ready for home ownership, this post is for you. Here are some of the main considerations to take on board when you’re thinking about buying

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