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February 2018

Should I Save or Should I Invest?

If you’re wondering whether to invest or save, don’t worry – you’re not the only one! Obviously the answer depends on your goals and your financial situation, but in short, when you save money in cash, you’re putting it away for when you need it most, or for something particular. Investing is all about trying to make your money grow over a longer period of time.   Here are are

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Making Your Business’ Money Go Further

It’s hard to be the most successful business in your industry. There’s so much competition, and the number of new businesses being created seems to grow exponentially, thanks to the birth of the internet. Still, if you want your business to truly succeed then it all comes down to money, at the end of the day. And making a profit isn’t the only thing your company should focus on –

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3 Surefire Ways To Destroy The Reputation Of Your Business

Having a good reputation is such an underrated part of a business. People don’t see the effects of reputation until something bad happens. When your business ends up in the news for all the wrong reasons, a massive sales decrease will happen. We see this all the time when big companies enter controversy. There was that massive Volkswagen controversy the other year, and they lost billions of dollars because of

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Stepping Back Into The Light After Addiction

Drugs aren’t all bad, and it’s important to remember that. For instance, Marijuana has been approved as a medical treatment for various conditions, from cancer to multiple sclerosis. However, just because drugs can be used to improve your health, that doesn’t mean that recreational drug use is any less dangerous. When it comes to your health, drug use can have a range of impacts, including a combination of short and

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10 Ways To Keep Your Personal Safety Under Control

As we go through life, there are always going to be the kind of things that take our attention, and the things we just get on with. Depending on your personality and your priorities, you’re always going to find that you will focus on certain things more than others. A lot of the things that we do in life, we do on autopilot or out of habit. And while that

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To Rent Or To Buy? Which Is Best For Your Business?

If you’re on the lookout for new business premises, you may be thinking about renting or buying. There are pros and cons for both, but which option suits your company best? There’s no universal right answer, as every business is different, and this is why it’s essential to consider every eventuality. Renting business premises Renting has a number of benefits, especially for new businesses. When you rent, you won’t have

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The Ingredients For Virtual Business Success

If you are starting (or have already started) a virtual business that you are running from home, it is important that you have the right resources and support in place to give your venture every chance of success. Regardless of where your office is located, you need to ensure that you can work from anywhere. The key to success in business is professionalism, which is why it is more important

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How To Create A Weight Loss And Exercise Plan That Will Work For Good

We’ve all been there. We’ve all made the promises, made some progress, committed to change, and then fallen off the bandwagon. The diet starts on Monday. Maybe next week, because I’ve got a lot on this week. I’m feeling quite tired, and I don’t want to wear myself out. One day off won’t hurt. They all sound like different reasons and excuses, but what they all equate to is giving

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Fun Ways To Spend Your Time For Next To Nothing

January is over and we are well on our way into the new year, however, January can often feel like you are a little more strapped for cash than normal. Paying the bills from the festive period, the long wait for payday, it can be a huge drag, and often, even though you bank account may have been replenished with your wages, it may have disappeared as quickly as it

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