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October 2020

Are Driving Jobs On The Rise? With Flexibility Is It A Possible Career Choice For You

Many people are now looking to find employment where there is much more flexibility in terms of the hours they work and how much money they can earn. The usual nine to five sometimes doesn’t work well for families, and with fixed incomes, it may not even be worthwhile to continue down that path. Driving, as a job, be that as a long distance truck driver or local deliveries, could

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Best things to do in Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination and can be visited any time of the year. From beautiful beaches, good food and ancient architecture you’ll find something for everyone on a Cyprus holiday. You can get a true Cyprus Experience with First Choice holidays. If you are planning a holiday there anytime soon then I’ve rounded up some favourite things to do there. Go diving Cyprus offers crystal clear waters making it a

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Bored of Being Broke? Five Financial Resolutions to Make for 2019

Bored of being broke? It’s frustrating living payday to payday, constantly running out, catching up and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Does it feels like you’re chasing your tail with money- and are you looking to turn a new financial leaf in 2019? Here are some worthwhile resolutions to make, that will make life easier and your budget healthier. Get out of debt Being in debt is expensive. You never

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Developing Deep, Meaningful Relationships With Other Businesses

Businesses rarely operate in isolation. Instead, they rely on an entire network of relationships to deliver products. Some companies still operate under a traditional “chain” model of production. This is where a supplier or vendor sells inputs to a company which are then combined and sold on to another company or the end user. This is the arrangement commonly found in the steel industry, for instance. That is, the steel

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