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September 2021

Know the Exchange Rates When You Travel to Canada

If you are planning on visiting Canada for a holiday, or on business, then you will want to know the exchange rates. Also, if you are in the US and trade with Canada, the rate of exchange will impact profits depending on when bills are paid. So, it pays to have a means of looking up the USD to CAD rates in an instant and being able to decide when

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Lease Accounting Tips: 3 Easy Ways to Ensure Compliance with GASB 87

When it comes to complying with GASB 87, we have no choice about whether to comply but there are easier ways that we can find to do it. In this article, we shall explore some of these to assist you when accounting for leases. To first define it, GASB 87 is an accounting standard and statement of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board. It is the new lease accounting standard for

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6 Things To Do When You Start Going To The Gym

You’ve finally mustered up the courage to go to the gym and start the self-improvement plan you’ve kept promising yourself you’d follow. Beginnings are always hard, and it can be a bit frustrating when you are a newbie and have no idea where and what to do. The experts at Leo’s Fitness Labs know how that feels and they helped me, the newbie, get into the right mindset to make

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Ditch These Poor Health Habits And Save Big

You’re well aware that eating right, staying active, getting plenty of rest, and taking care of your emotional well-being have a positive impact on your quality of life. However, did you know that living a healthy lifestyle can save you money? Essentially, the healthier your mind and body are, the less money you spend on everything from food to healthcare. While old habits die hard, getting rid of these poor habits

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How to Enjoy Luxury Travel without Splurging

At some point, travelling like a broke university student is going to lose its shine. While the main point of your journey is the experience, it is also quite nice to enjoy some extravagance every now and then. Well, what if you could have a luxury vacation without actually spending too much money? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate goal? Well, if this is something that you are interested in, you

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