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5 Health Supplements That Won’t Break the Bank

Health comes above everything else – this is something you can definitely agree with. Yet, sometimes, maintaining your body healthy comes with a huge financial cost. I’m hoping that the Affordable Care Act will make healthcare more affordable for everybody. Anyhow, take a look at the healthiest foods out there, for example, and you will realize that it is quite likely that they are more expensive than unhealthy food. Of course, there is no price for health and nothing can buy it back once lost, but sometimes, you will want to be healthy…on a budget. Is it possible? Most certainly, it is.

If you are interested in buying health supplements that will offer your body with nutrients and vitamins you may not be taking from other sources, then read on and find out about the top 5 health supplements you will most likely be able to afford no matter how tight your budget is.


Vitamin C

This is a vitamin you will be able to find in many products out there. And still, our bodies are not always loaded with as much vitamin C as we would need. If you want to make sure your body gets enough of it, then you could take supplements based on this vitamin, especially during the winter. They are more than affordable and they will help your body be stronger when faced with a cold. Other than that, vitamin C is essential for the gums, for the teeth, for the bones and for the blood vessels as well.


This is not an actual vitamin, but it is a nutrient essential for the human body. If you want to stock your entire body with Omega-3 acids, then you should eat a lot of fatty fish (salmon, tuna, and so on). Since you may not always be able to eat these, you may want to consider taking a supplement based on Omega-3. It will protect your heart from the most commonly encountered diseases out there and it will be great for children as well, since it has been proven that it improves their brain activity.


This nutrient will help the body from many points of view. It is believed to help the bones, the cholesterol, people who want to lose weight, the immune system and, on top of everything, it is very good for the skin and for the hair. Generally speaking, you will find Omega-6 in most of the vegetable oils, but if your body needs a bit more than you take in, then taking supplements based on this nutrient may be a good choice for you.


B6 and B12

These two vitamins are very good for the human body as well. They are believed to help reducing the risk of developing a heart disease and they are also believed to be able to improve one’s metabolism, immune system and nervous system as well. You will find these two vitamins in many types of supplements out there, most of which will be quite affordable.


Unlike the other health supplements presented in this article, spirulina is not an actual vitamin. As a matter of fact, it is a type of cyanobacteria that is edible and supplements based on it contain multiple vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human body. It contains B vitamins, vitamin K, it is a great source of linolenic acid (a fatty acid absolutely crucial for the good functioning of the cardiovascular system) and it is rich in various minerals as well (iron, magnesium, selenium, potassium and so on). It may be more expensive than other supplements out there, but if you take into consideration the benefits it can provide you with, you will definitely consider its price to be worth it.