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Top Degrees to Study in 2014

It’s not easy to have to face making such a huge decision such as choosing your degree. For most of the people out there, higher education (in all its forms) is a large investment. In fact, it also means that, in most of the cases, people will have to get indebted to some financial institution in order to fund their further education. If you top this with the fact that you will have to make sure that you choose a higher education degree that will help you find a well-paid and stable job, you realize the importance of this decision.

Trends in education change and so does the top of the degrees that are most profitable to be studied – therefore, every new generation may have to take into consideration different degrees to obtain. Following are this year’s best degrees to study from the point of view of job prospects, financial security and the income they can offer you.



In our world, money makes the world go round and financial specialists know exactly the direction in which the money spins the world. People who hold degrees in the finance field will work in financial management and in other similar jobs as well and they can earn quite a lot if they get really good at it. Even more than that, obtaining a degree in finances will definitely be a good long-term decision as well.

Computer Science

It has become common knowledge that computer science degrees can offer very promising careers. No matter how much technology has advanced the last few decades, the truth is that this is just the beginning of computer science and that there is a lot more to do out there. From the point of view of the job prospects, there is quite a wide range of jobs people with such degrees could land. And from the point of view of the income and financial stability, working in computer science is still one of the most well-paid and stable things to do.



It may be surprising for you, but a degree in mathematics doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to become a teacher or a professor. In fact, more and more businesses out there are starting to realize the amazing benefits working with mathematicians. There is huge value people with degrees in this field can offer companies and industry and if you are among those passionate about this subject, then going for such a degree can land you a good job in the future.


Money makes the world go round and companies who make the most money out there know that marketing is absolutely essential for the success of a business. If you are good with “reading” people and what they want, if you are creative and if you can come up with original marketing campaigns, a degree in this field could offer you with the theoretical frame to work in this field. Marketing is also split among many types of jobs (from analysis to management) so there is plenty to choose from.