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Fung Fu: The Ice Block Treatment

Often times we tend to worry about the little pains that we have. And most of those times we don’t even bother to go to the doctor. We simply just sit it out and hope that the pain will end.

However, there are times when the pain just doesn’t end, that is why we have a remedy for you.

A very simple Chinese medication called Fung Fu.

What is Fung Fu?

As we have mentioned, this is a Chinese medication, but we know that this is not enough, so allow us to tell you more.

Fung Fu is associated with the treatment of many health issues. This makes it very popular among many therapists. Its focal point is the place that is right below your skull, the hole-like point where you head and skull meet. Did you know you can play Kung Fu Rooster real money slots game for free, on the best online casinos?

How is this treatment carried out?

Unlike other medications that require you to go through a lot, the Fung Fu is very simple. All that you need is a scarf or zip lock and an ice cube. Then you lie on your stomach and place the ice-cube on the hole-like place that we talked about above. Leave it there for 20 minutes or so and you can use the scarf to keep it in place.

What can this treatment prevent?

There are several illnesses that this can prevent. Namely headaches, PMS, and thyroid. It can also improve your sleep and your digestion. As you can see a very simple method of medication can cure a whole lot of diseases. To add on to that, at no cost at all.

Meaning to say that you can enjoy your bet sport while still going through the Fung

Fu therapy. And if the games don’t go your way, well you already have a soothing way to calm down.