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Great VR Games That Can Be Played Using One Hand

With Virtual Reality gaming becoming a real thing in the new technology era. We just thought its high time we introduce some of the greatest innovations that have been brought about by this new and brilliant mechanism. Virtual Reality in general has done exceptionally well in making sure that the world become a better place for everyone. And surely the future looks bright with this masterpiece innovation.

Many games and movies of different caliber have been made in making sure that people appreciate this great innovation. Amongst these greatest innovations there are games that have been crafted to cater for different types of gamers from top rated online casinos players to some thrilling games for fun.  In most cases people are used to playing games using two hands. But VR gaming has brought about a new dimension of gaming by introducing games that can be played using one hand.

By now you must wondering how the above notion is possible. Well it is possible, you can now play amazing games using one hands. Let’s highlight some of the games that can offer you that function in real time.


Superhot is an amazing game that has been labelled to be one of the VR classic games. As much as the game is classic and great to play, it is also one of the easiest game to play and enjoy in real time, just like games you get at kiwi sports betting You can easily recognize the simplicity of the game because you can play using one hand.

This first person action game, time will move only when you do so that you can yield pistol, knives, and projectiles with one hand. This classic game will move with a pace that suit you. Therefore it means it offers user-friendly gaming experience.

Beat Sebar – Rift

This is the Virtual Reality most popular game that include the welcome addition of a one-handed gaming mode.  Its allowed to leave behind the color-coded gameplay and begin swiping away at every beat that is front of you. The good thing about this game is that it caters for new players. If you are playing it for the first time you can play the no fail mode to practice the game before you start playing for competition.