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How to Improve your health and wellness this year

If you’re like many people, you may be committed to ensuring that this year is the year that you truly improve your health and wellness, by getting into shape, sorting out your mindset, meeting your money and career goals, and improving your relationships.

While it’s great to have these resolutions or goals, you’ll find it’s crucial to also have actionable steps you can take to meet them. Here are a few ways you can improve your health and wellness this year:


Take a course

One of the best ways to overhaul particular parts of your life is to take an intensive course so you can focus on everything you need to do to improve your physical and mental health. The executive mindfulness online course is a great idea, and it teaches professionals how to incorporate mindfulness into their lives and work and the benefits of mindfulness. Executives can even take a mindful quiz to see their level of mindfulness.

Use a fitness tracker

There are many different fitness trackers available, including fitbits, iWatches, and now, GoBe 2. The later is the first device that can automatically measure your caloric intake, emotional state, and even your body water balance. This could revolutionise the fitness and weight loss industry as it makes it easy to track exactly how much you’re eating and your level of activity.

Fitness trackers are great because you can set goals- such as the minimum number of steps, and they’ll give you an accurate picture through the day. Sometimes you may even feel a slight vibration reminding you to move- something that will be sure to help you with your activity goals.


Stay healthy whatever your budget

Voucher company My Voucher Codes recognizes that it’s important to be healthy, but also important to have a healthy bank account. The team has put together some tips that will help you get healthy and fit while also saving you money, and Managing Director Chris Reilly commented on the tips. Mr Reilly says that some of us may have added some weight over the holidays and have New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy. Those same people may also be trying to save money and it’s possible to do both.

Some of these tips include making a list and only buying what you actually need, collecting coupons and voucher codes to save money, planning meals and then batch cooking when you’ve got time, buying veg as it’s going out of date for soups, shopping in season, and importantly: never shopping when hungry.

Be active

It turns out that people who are more active generally have better states of wellbeing compared to those who are the couch-potato type. Central YMCA surveyed 1,000 adults within the UK and found that physical activity increased wellbeing by 13%, and less active people see depleted scores by 19%- a huge 32% divide between these two groups.

As you can see, there are many ways you can improve your health and wellness this year (without breaking the bank or taking up too much time).