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Considering buying a motorbike? Here’s why you should

If you’re sick of dealing with car maintenance and have always secretly wanted to buy a motorbike, there are many reasons why you should make 2017 the year you finally live your dreams and buy that motorbike you’ve been wishing for.

You’ll save money

It’s hard to imagine that embracing the freedom of the open road will actually save you money, but once you look at all the cash you spend on maintaining your car and filling it with gas each week, it’s easy to see how.

When you consider car repayments, continually ensuring it’s roadworthy, and the wear and tear on the car, you’ll find that it’s much cheaper to purchase a motorbike and actually sell your car. Unlike cars, you can find a number of great motorbike parts and accessories online for a great price, including Harley Davidson parts and even motorcycle boots. And for those looking for a new jacket to keep them safe and protected, check out Alpinestars jackets.


It’s environmentally conscious

With climate change deniers in government around the world (and even running the free world), we all need to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Motorbikes are far more fuel efficient than the car, and since you’re getting from point A to point B quicker, you’ll spend less time idling waiting for the lights to change.

You’ll improve your mental health

If you’ve always wanted to buy a motorbike, meeting this goal is likely to have a pretty impressive impact on your mental health- particularly if you’re a woman. In fact Harley Davidson did a study in 2013 that found that 37% of female motorbike riders reported always feeling happy, while only 16% of non-riders could say the same.

For people who want to improve their confidence, buying and learning to ride a motorbike is a great hobby to have, since it forces you to believe in yourself and you’ll improve your self-esteem and confidence. There’s definitely a learning curve when you buy a bike, and you’ll continually be learning more about driving, road rules, and maintaining your bike. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro rider and will have the confidence that goes with it.