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Turn Shatter to e Juice: Different Ways to Consume the Weed Concentrate

The process when you turn shatter to e juice is getting more popular these days. People like it when they consume cannabis through vape pens or portable vaporizers because they can take it anywhere, and use it anytime.

Vaping is better than smoking marijuana because you don’t inhale the carcinogens that are found when you smoke. For sure, you are already using e-liquid and want to try turning cannabis concentrate like shatter into vape juice.

Before we go through the method, let’s first find out what shatter is:

What is Shatter?

Pot smokers who want to experience a heavier hit have turned to shatter. Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that contains 80 to 90 percent cannabinoid content that makes it so potent.

Shatter is called also as dabs, the term used for cannabis concentrates that are produced when THC and CBD have been extracted. The process of extraction involves using a solvent like butane, propane or carbon dioxide to pull out cannabinoids and collecting the resins left.

Shatter appears as a glass-like sheet that has hardened like a candy. It is called shatter because it shatters like glass when dropped. It sells for about $60 to $70 per gram on the streets.

Of all the cannabis concentrates, it is the purest and most potent because of the extra process of filtration to remove waxes and fats. This is the reason why it is packed with cannabinoids. Regular weeds contain only 5 to 18 percent cannabinoid.

How to Consume Shatter?

There are different ways to consume cannabis concentrate. You can dab or vape it. Let’s go through each way of using it:


You can smoke shatter with the use of a bong called a rig. This tool costs around $100 to $200.

This tool has a “nail” where a bowl is attached. You need to heat the nail at about 575-625 degrees Fahrenheit using a butane torch.

Use a metal dabber to place a ball of shatter into the nail. When heated, the shatter starts to vaporize. Users can start smoking it.


Pre-filled Vape Pen

Vaping or the use of portable vaporizers is the most convenient and the most discreet way of consuming cannabis concentrate. A pre-filled cartridge attached to the battery is one method of vaping.

The vape pen is a combination of the battery and cartridge. The cartridge has a heating element and a battery that heats the concentrate.

The pre-filled cartridge is disposable and should be discarded after the concentrate runs out. The battery in the vape pen can be reused.

Handheld Vape Pen/ Vaporizers

You can consume e liquids in handheld vape pens or vaporizers discreetly. You just simply fill the chamber with the shatter oil and attached it to the battery.

The heating element or coil in the chamber turns the concentrate into vapor when the user pressed the button. This tool is very convenient to use and consume the e-juice instantly without additional equipment. 

When buying a vape pen, ensure that any potential device is specifically made for use with shatter. These days, you can buy vapes with interchangeable chambers that can be used in different concentrates. You should also take into account the fact that dab pens and carts have advantages and disadvantages, and make your final decision on a vaping solution after taking all these positives and negatives into account. 

Before vaping, make sure that the vape pen is fully charged. It ensures that you’ll have a good vaping experience.

When the vape juice becomes too thick, you can add diluent into it. If the concentrate is too viscous, your vape pen works extra that can shorten the life of your battery.


You can smoke shatter by rolling it in a joint. Add some herbs with the shatter to give a stronger hit.

Where to Buy Shatter?

You can now buy shatter online. However, make sure that your state allows its delivery because some states still ban the use of marijuana.

How to Turn Shatter to e-Liquid?


  • Shot glass
  • 0.50 grams Shatter
  • Stirrer
  • Microwave
  • Diluent (Wax Liquidizer)
  • Syringe


  • Place the concentrate in the shot glass.
  • Add diluent and make sure to use the right proportion.
  • Place the mixture in the microwave for about 10 seconds. (Do not overheat as it can deteriorate the THC strength)
  • Stir the mixture make sure that all parts are dissolved.
  • Use a syringe to get the infused oil and transfer it in an oil chamber of the vape pen.
  • If you have leftover, place it is a dark-colored silicone. Place it in a cool, dark place.