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4 Easy Ways To Make A Playroom More Fun

Do your kids like to spend time in their playroom? Sometimes kids treat the playroom as a giant toy box instead of a play space. They still follow you around the house, but they scatter their belongings everywhere as they go. How can you make the playroom into a place where they’ll want to spend time? Here are four suggestions for making a playroom more fun.

Work the Lighting

Rooms with beautiful light are always more appealing than rooms that are too dark or those that are lit starkly by an overhead fixture. Natural light is ideal, but the rooms with the best light are usually not the ones that get designated as playrooms. Luckily, there are other ways to create appealing illumination. Create ambient lighting by hanging strings of holiday lights or cute patio lights in a dark corner of the space. Christmas Lights Etc. has cute options that are safe for indoor use. Add a lamp in one corner to make the space more intriguing and inviting.


Create a Sense of Company

Many kids instinctively want to be near other people, which makes sense since staying with a group is often safer. In a safe environment, however, it’s good for kids to play alone. Use tricks like music to make them feel like they have company in their playroom. If you often have music playing in the house, add an inexpensive bluetooth speaker to keep the playroom filled with sound. Then add a large safety glass mirror low on the wall to create the comforting impression that another child is playing nearby.

Switch Things Up

The best way to keep the playroom exciting is to rotate toys and furnishings. Having too many playthings and furniture options creates an overload sensation that makes everything less appealing. If you store most things and set out just a few at a time, the open space and fresh playthings will be irresistible. Imagine finding a bean bag chair and puzzles in the room on Monday, then a pup tent and blocks on Thursday. Each toy becomes a limited time offer. If the kids never know how long the toys will stay, they will be sure to play with each thing as it becomes available.

Don’t have room to store things away? Try keeping all the toys in baskets or boxes, and set out a different box each day.

Add Motion

Kids like to move. A swing or hanging chair will capture their attention. A small slide, spinning seat, or seesaw will help create an indoor playground impression that will make the room more appealing. Even if the playroom has carpeting, layer in a thick rug with padding underneath in case the kids get rowdy and take a tumble.

Creating a playroom where kids will want to spend time is will worth investing a little time and a few dollars. You’ll gain a little time to yourself while knowing the kids are safe and engaged in creative play, which will help you be more present for them later.