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How to shine in a job interview

Job interviews, it’s a daunting and often quite scary process for all of us. Even if you’re super confident and think you have everything together, you can still go into an interview and crumble. But one of the worst things that you could possibly do, is go in a job interview unprepared. Not only will this leave you embarrassed and fear interviews for a longer period, but it will also leave your name on the employees tongue for a very long time. But don’t let that scare you, because that isn’t going to happen as long as you prepare! Here we’ve listed the top ways you can hit the ground running in an interview…


Make sure you have the qualifications

Applying for a job that you’re unqualified to do wouldn’t be advisable, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be optimistic in your decisions, you most certainly should and have every right to go after things that you think you deserve to get. But you also have to be realistic, if you don’t match the criteria and you’re up against someone who has all the experience and all the qualifications to match, you may struggle at coming in with a chance. Think about the niche that you’re working with and focus on how you can do well within this. Take on training courses to help make sure you get there and shine out in front of your competition.

Research into the company

This is apparent and so obvious, but it’s so clear that a lot of us seem to fall short within this and don’t do the research that we should. Not only is it rather embarrassing to go into a job interview without doing the proper research, it also gives off the impression that you may not be that interested in the company.  Make sure you follow these few tips and get all the information you need before going into a job interview.

Show you care

Last, but most definitely not least. Show you care. This isn’t hard and it most definitely will work in your benefit.