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Best Ways to Save Money on Your Home

Your home is one of your biggest assets, and if you have recently moved into your home you might find yourself desperate to decorate. If you’ve been in your home a while, you might find yourself stuck with some nasty habits that involve overspending. Think about the amount of money you’ll spend over the course of your lifetime on your home, from mortgage repayments, water bills, rates, electricity and renovations – houses are expensive. I believe that small savings can add up quickly, especially over the course of a lifetime, so use these tips to save money on your home.


1) Get Home Insurance
Home insurance is one of those things you don’t need until you REALLY need it. What could be more expensive than having to replace your entire home if it burns down, if there’s a serious earthquake or a bush fire? Not a lot. I know of a few properties owners that skimp on insurance and are skating on thin ice, so to speak. The cost of home insurance is really affordable when you compare it to the cost of replacing your entire home. Protect your biggest asset with I home insurance. I recommend checking out HBF for their home insurance page for more information on great home insurance packages.

2) Turn off Appliances When You’re Not Using Them
Even if the appliances aren’t in use, chances are they are sucking power through the socket. You might not think it is worth your time flicking the switches off, but think about some appliances you don’t use for weeks or months at a time, just sitting their draining your bank balance. Also consider the total number of appliances you have in your home, from hair straighteners, to dryers, toasters and jugs – there’s a lot and it adds up quickly. Get into the habit of switching things off at the wall and removing the plug when you’re not using them and you will save money each year.


3) Tone Down the Heating and Air Con
Keeping your home at a constant temperature is one of the biggest expenses families face. I personally prefer to adapt to the house’s temperature – to a point – in order to save money on heating and cooling. Of course, it depends on your home as well and if you have children or elderly in your home it is probably not worth being cheap with the house’s temperature.

4) Get Double Glazed Windows
If you can afford it, and if your home doesn’t have it already, consider investing in double glazed windows. These windows use two pieces of glass in order to trap warm air inside and help regulate the home’s temperature. They can make a substantial difference to your house’s warmth and your power bills too.


5) Invest in Solar Panels
Solar power is the way of the future. Can you imagine having a fully self-sufficient home that requires no powers from the mains? It sounds like a dream. Imagine how it would feel to never receive another power bill? This is possible, or if you don’t want to go that far you can at least substantially minimise your power bill by installing some solar panels.

Homes are expensive but with these simple tips you can cut your costs down, ensure the security of your home and keep your home healthy and comfortable.