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Looking forward: Ensuring a secure financial future

Almost everyone worries about the future, especially when it comes to finances. After all, everything costs so much these days and the ‘essentials’ of life have moved on a little from just food, shelter and clothes. Most people also consider utilities and technology as indispensible parts of their lives. Knowing what you want in your future informs the decisions you make today – you can only map out a clear path when you know where you’re going. There are many paths to wealth creation and most of them will require you to educate yourself on the various investment vehicles available, such as real estate investing or forex trading. You might want to find a trainer to assist you on your wealth creation journey – perhaps an investing mentor or a trading coach like Knowledge To Action (find out more about this on Facebook).


Most people who can’t seem to quite reach their wealth creation goals admit they spend less than ten minutes a week working on their finances. Financial success stories like Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson let it be known that they spent one to two hours each week going over their financials, even before they had much money to work with. They looked for savings, worked out how they could access certain investments they were interested in, and researched companies they thought would be safe places to park funds. More than anything, they spent this time educating themselves about money, business, investment, and the so-called ‘science’ of risk and reward. The information they began training themselves to absorb, process and analyse in their early days formed the basis for the financial knowledge on which their business decisions today are based. They were – and are – future focused. They always have been, even before they knew exactly where their futures would take them.

A lot of people find numbers and spreadsheets a little overwhelming. Money matters and trends don’t excite many people. However, it’s important to realise that these things have a direct impact on your life. If you’re interested in yourself – yourfuture, your life and the way you’d like to live it – then it’s worth spending some time on your finances. A couple of hours each week is not a very big time commitment, especially if youthink of the benefits. Consider that no bank employee spends over an hour a week, every week, on any single customer. You’ll soon know more than the average bank manager about your own money management situation, and that’s all you really need to be interested in.


A secure financial future doesn’t happen by accident. It happens to those who look for it, plan for it, and take action. It happens to those who keep learning and work to a game plan. In order to ensure you can have the secure financial future that seems to elude so many, you need to devote a little time and effort to looking forward.

How much time and focus do you spend planning for your financial future? Share your wealth creation strategies in the Comments box below.