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How to Transform your House into a Home

Have you recently moved house? You may have noticed that it still feels like someone else’s house, and it doesn’t yet feel like a home. Sometimes this will just take a little time-after all much of what makes a house a home are the memories you make with your family.

But there are also some ways you can contribute towards taking ownership of that house. Here are some tips for transforming your house into a home:


Show your personality

This is one of the best ways to make your house feel like a home for you and your family. Chose the colours you love, hang pictures of your friends and family on the walls, and hang up those “works of art” from your kids. Fresh flowers, candles, and souvenirs also help you express your personality when it’s time to decorate your new house.

Get good at DIY

DIY is a good way to save some money, bond with your family, and show off your style. DIY allows you to repurpose furniture, create cute toys and feature walls, and maybe even do some painting or sculpture of your own.


Make it comfortable

One of the things which make a house feel like a home is simply choosing comfort over style. Go for thick carpet and rugs, soft couches and pillows and nice lush blankets.Your house should make people want to curl up and relax. A fireplace is a great way to make a home seem cozy and comfortable, and you can get great pallet fires which are also a cheap way to heat your home in the winter.

Choose the best furniture

If it’s time to upgrade to new furniture, there are ways to ensure you find the best furniture for your home and family without breaking the bank. Invest in key pieces which will last for years like couches and arm chairs and choose neutral colours which won’t date. Nice wood coffee and dining tables can give your home a classic feel, along with ensuring that the family has somewhere to gather and eat together.

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Get a pet

If this is your first home, it could be the first time you can have a pet. Often those who are renting won’t be allowed to have pets, but if your kids (or you) have been wanting a cat or dog for some time, now’s the time to add a new member to the family.

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than the sound of kids giggling while they play with a puppy, or a cat lounging in front of the fire.

Invite your friends over

Whether you want to have a housewarming party or a pot luck dinner, once your friends have visited your house it’ll feel more like a home and lose that “new” feeling. Often it’s also a case of celebrating holidays like Easter and Christmas with friends and family as well.