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How to Become a Great Photographer

Have you ever seen someone who can pick up any camera and take an amazing photo? They seem to have a gift for the skill of photography and can show the emotion and feel of a scene through their lens.

They make it look easy.

If you’re like me, you probably know that photography is one of those deceptive hobbies. We all like to believe that if we only had the perfect camera we would be able to take the best photos as well. If you’re in the market for a new camera, I understand how overwhelming it can be. There are SO many cameras out there, in different prices and budgets. For some more reading to help you make an informed decision, why not check out this guide to the best DSLR cameras 2016 which will surely help you decide.

If you’re a good, or even mediocre photographer, here are some tips so you can become a great photographer this year:


Upskill yourself

If you’re serious about photography, it may be time to learn more about the art from someone who does it for a living. There are so many different photography courses available- ranging in time from a couple of hours to months, that you’re bound to find one which suits how much time you have and your budget.

A professional photographer can teach you how to use your camera, and give you actionable tips to become a better photographer, along with the motivation and inspiration to keep taking photos.

Choose your tools

If you want to become a truly great photographer, eventually you’ll need to invest in some good equipment. Consider something like the Nikon D7100 which is an excellent camera for photographers of many different levels, and don’t forget to invest in some different Nikon lenses so you can practice many types of photography.


Proactively learn

Proactively learning is about taking the time to discover more about photography from many different sources. Subscribe to photography magazines, and study what makes different photos better than others. If you don’t have the time to go to an actual photography course, there are many different online courses and e-books to choose from which can teach you the basics. You’ll also find communities of photographers of all different levels who are willing to give and receive advice.

Take photos

It may seem obvious, but buying a good camera and learning how to use it isn’t enough. You need to get out and actively take as many photos as possible so you can learn from trial and error. The best way to improve is to take photos at different times of the day, using different equipment and settings, and comparing the results.

Ask a friend to be your subject if you’re working on building up a portfolio or want to work on portraits, or head out for a day of shooting with a more experienced photographer and ask them for some tips.


Enjoy the experience

Often we become so obsessed with become great at a new hobby that we forget to enjoy the learning experience. The more you focus on enjoying shooting, the less pressure you’ll feel to always take the perfect shot, and the more you can experiment and learn about your camera. Take the time to enjoy your craft and you’ll become a much better photographer than one who is constantly focused on perfection.