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How to upgrade your lounge

The lounge is the centre of the house and is really where most people spend most of their time in the home. So why have it outdated? If you want to upgrade your lounge room and money is an issue then I’ve rounded up some top ideas that will make your lounge feel fresh and new without breaking the bank.

Get a good TV

I know this doesn’t exactly appeal to the aesthetics of the room but considering the main activity in lounge is to watch television then having a good quality picture on the screen is important. If you can’t afford to get a full new TV then get a freesat HD boxwhich is affordable and will dramatically change the quality of the picture on the TV.

colorful cushion

Get bright cushions for the lounge suite

A great way to add colour, warmth and some brightness is by adding a few different coloured cushions to the lounge suite. You can either get plain coloured or add in some textures too. Cushions are a great way to add in colour that you like but are perhaps a bit too out there to paint a wall in it or buy the lounge suite in.

Add in plants

Plants are a nice way to bring a little bit of nature inside with you. Look adding in some fresh flowers or pot plants. Pick your favourite colour and go with those. Flowers like lilies, roses and lilacs are all beautiful to have scattered around the room. If flowers aren’t your thing then look into some nice green ferns or leafy plants that are easy to maintain.

Indoor Plant

Add a rug

If you have hard wooden floors or even carpet a rug can change the whole look and feel of the lounge room. It makes it feel more cozy and adds in some nice texture too. You can play around with different colour or find one with some nice neutral tones.

Add in some art and photos

If your walls are a little bare then a great touch can be to add in some art work or framed photos. Photos will give the room a homely touch as you fill your wills with family and loved ones. With art pick something that resonates with you and your style. Art is a very personal thing so stick to what feels right for you.