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Love the summer sun: cheap ideas to brighten up your house

When the days grow longer and the sun shines high in the sky, you’ll want to make the most of summer in your home. It’s the perfect time of year to give it a makeover and remind yourself why you first fell in love with it. This doesn’t need to be expensive. With creativity and a bit of hard work, you can get the place looking fabulous at a very low cost.


Let in the light

To really celebrate summer, you’ll need to start by letting in the light. Get rid of those bulky drapes and find some affordable faux wood shutters for a natural look. Put up a mirror to bounce the light around your rooms and leave doors open (this will also let the air circulate). Use hanging glass ornaments to send ripples of light through your home. You’ll love it, and so will your pot plants, which will come into bloom more quickly, filling your home with summer colors and scents.

Get painting

Once you’re able to have your windows open, you no longer need to worry so much about paint fumes. It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to brighten up your home, so why not get to it? Light-colored walls with ceilings a shade lighter again are ideal for making rooms feel more spacious, but judicious use of stronger, warm summer colors such as orange and rose really helps to set the mood. Consider using stencils to add color highlights, or adding friezes to your walls.


Revamp your furniture

A lick of paint can also brighten up old pieces of furniture and give them a cheery look that makes your home feel very welcoming. Try using a different colored undercoat and gently buffing the finished items for a natural “antiqued” look. You can also re-cover soft furniture with new fabric. It’s easier than it looks and there are lots of helpful tutorial videos online. This can give your living room a whole new look without you having to splash out on a new suite. For the finishing touch, accessorize with things such as new cushions, lamps and pictures to hang on the walls – they’re inexpensive, but they can do a lot to change the overall look of the place.

Spring clean

Sometimes, the most important thing you can do to make your house look better is simply to give it a good clean. No matter how careful you are, dirt always builds up in winter, as houses get stuffy and damp. Airing the place, polishing wooden floors, wiping down surfaces, cleaning windows and beating out rugs can make a tremendous difference. It might be hard work, but it will leave you feeling great afterwards.

The really great thing about summer is all the extra time it seems to offer for rest and relaxation. Once you’ve got your home looking good, you can sit back and enjoy it, and it’ll be a great place for entertaining your friends.