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Management tips: how to build a better and more efficient business

However big or small your organization, the way in which your employees are managed is key to its success. Here are a few tips for being a capable manager and getting the best out of your staff.

Be aware of current employment laws

The most effective managers are aware of the latest legislation relating to their industry. It informs their actions, provides a competitive advantage, and increases profitability. Bob Bratt is a experienced manager who has stayed ahead of the curve by maintaining his knowledge of company law. As the Chief Operating Officer of DLA Piper, Bob assists clients who need legal or practical solutions in order to move forward. From health and safety to child care and income tax, a sound understanding of employment law is vital for managing people.


Acknowledge the importance of communication throughout the business

Good communication is vital to any successful business. As a manager, you need to keep your team informed about issues that affect them and ensure they stay engaged with the current project or target. A lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding, the need for re-work, and inevitable delays. Never assume things are going well if you haven’t listened to your team and established that for certain.

Work on your time management

In a busy working day the hours can fly by, but how much of that time was spent productively and how much was wasted? Save time by organizing yourself into a balanced routine; don’t check your emails too often and don’t multitask; instead, concentrate on finishing one job well before moving on to the next.

Get to know your people

Never underestimate the effect you have on the morale and productivity of your team. How you treat them has a significant impact on their wellbeing, but also their loyalty. Your staff are an important asset to the company and they look to you for support and guidance, so be a good role model. Get to know individuals by scheduling an hour or so to sit with them while they work. You’ll have a chance to learn about their job, as well as what makes them tick as a person. Developing and increasing a person’s strengths ensures the company can capitalize on their skills further down the road.


Start with yourself

Many managers spend so much time doing all the right things for their team that they forget about their own personal development. To remain happy in your role, you’ll need to carry out regular self-appraisals and identify your strengths. Don’t dwell on your weaknesses; it’s far more helpful to improve on areas in which you excel.

The most effective managers are focused on their employees as a route to building a better and more efficient business. Getting the best results in a workplace situation is all about assembling a team, enabling them to see the company’s vision, and then motivating them to be the best they can be.