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6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Income

Economic times are becoming harder by the day and being in a position to pay all the bills and have adequate money to save and have fun is becoming a thing of the few wealthy individuals. One of the most oppressed groups is the students who need to balance between their studies and work. Finding a viable source of income on the side can go a long way in achieving your financial freedom. The extra income can be used to offset debts, pay for luxuries or add to your savings. Few people, however, have no idea of where they would find this extra income, or they are end up getting more demanding and stressing sources that does not give them the financial freedom that they have been looking for. There are few legit sources that can see you make some extra income on the side with little effort and during your free time.

1. Share your knowledge

The easiest way to boost your income is by sharing your knowledge during your free time to people who need it. Professionals are likely to act as tutors to students in the evening on during the weekends for a fee. If you are good in some of the courses that are in high demand today, like computer programming, it is easy to find students who need a tutor who can offer them lessons during their free times. You can expect to make as much as $60 per hour per person.


2. Find a roommate

As a student or a new employee whose income is limited to basic needs, leaving no room for saving or luxuries, getting a roommate is one of the best choices you can make. Having a partner who you share house rent and other bills may see you save as much as $500 to $1500 per month depending on your location and the amenities available.

3. Become an online freelancer

Internet has become one of the easiest sources of money in this era when technology has gone high considerably. You can boost your income by finding something that you love doing online for a fee. Currently, there are hundreds of companies that offer services like movie reviews, content writing, academic writing and many more. Some of these tasks are easy and require little time to complete. One of the main benefits of being an online freelancer is the freedom that you get in your work. These companies do not restrict you to the times that you should be working for them as it is solely dependent on your schedule. The more time you dedicate to your work as an online freelancer, the more income you will get on the side.

4. Online trading stocks

Online trading has become so easy due to the availability of many tools that assist marketers in trading. The forex market is growing by the day and you can expect to make huge profits with a small investment if you learn good strategy and do your research. You can test the water with such platforms like CMC markets to assist both beginners and professionals in trading by offering a customer-friendly platform to monitor the marketplace for currency and industry news.

5. Become a blogger

Blogs can boost your income significantly as they do not need much of your time to set or create content. The benefit of owning a blog even without web development or writing skills is that you can always get people who can do the work for you for a small fee. The best thing about being a blog owner is that you can partner with someone else who will be running it while you concentrate on other equally productive jobs. With great and targeted content, you can be sure to see extra income to your bank account with little work or on autopilot in the long term.

6. Sell home-made food

As a student or employee, you can choose to sell home-made meals to your colleagues. You can take orders from them or plan your own menu whereby those interested in that day’s meal will have to place an order the previous day. This will minimise on the wastage as you will only prepare food which is enough for a certain number of people. The start-up capital for this kind of business requires only a small capital and is not restricted to many government requirements.