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How to make money on the road

If you’re planning to travel long-term, you may be wondering how you’re going to keep your bank account topped up. There’s nothing worse than heading off on a grand adventure, only to run out of money and end up returning home.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to keep yourself afloat financially while you’re off having the time of your life. Here are just a few:

Try gambling

Now I don’t mean that you should only rely on gambling to make all of your money. But if you do enjoy playing casino games online, website like 188BET and W88 are good places to start. While it’s important to gamble responsibly, you’ll find that you’ll get better with practice, and you may be able to get a nice little side income stream happening to pay for beer on the road.


Use your skills

If you’re planning to quit your 9-5, think carefully about the skills that you have from that job which you could then take on the road. If you’ve been working in marketing, there are numerous skills you can use, like social media, copywriting, and more. And if you’ve been working in design or development, the world is your oyster- people from around the world are hiring freelancers to work on projects both large and small.

Start a business

If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur or business owner, now’s your chance. There are numerous ways you can launch a new business, but it’s important that you’re interested in whatever it is you decide to do. While most people assume they need to be passionate in what they’re doing for work, the truth is, it’s better to have a business that earns money and keeps your interest than a business that you’re passionate about but won’t make any money in the long term.

Monetise your website

If you have a website or blog, or you’re thinking about starting one, it could be a good idea to consider monetising it. This can be done in a number of ways, including affiliate links, sponsored posts, sponsored trips (for travel), and more. If you want to monetise effectively, you’ll need to build up an online audience, and this can take some time. That means you’ll need to do some serious research to find out what it is people are looking for online, so you can plug the gaps and provide them with helpful information.

Get paid in experience

No, I don’t mean work for free and have people tell you it’s for “exposure” or “experience.” But if you’re planning to travel for a long time, you may find that some hotels, hostels, and tours will give you some free stuff in exchange for a post. This obviously also requires for you to have built up a decent audience, but it’s a good way to see more of the world if you’re on a budget.