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6 Simple Ways To Get More Offline Sales

If you have a physical business, getting more offline sales is likely pretty important to you. There may be a few tricks you’re missing if you don’t feel you’re making as many sales as you could be. Use the following 6 simple ways to get more offline sales.

Arrange Things In A Way That Makes Sense

Take a look at your physical premises and ask yourself if things are arranged in a way that makes sense. For example, are you showing things on offer at the front of the store, and impulse buys by the till? This will vary depending on what sort of business you have, but the same sort of principals tend to apply. You need to appeal not only to your customers eye for aesthetics but their subconscious too. They won’t always realize why they’re looking at certain things as much as they are, but it’s usually down to what goes on in the subconscious.

Introduce More Ways To Pay

The more ways you have to pay, the more chance you have of making a sale. It’s as simple as that. If you only take cash, for example, then you’re likely missing out on many sales from people who prefer to pay by card. It isn’t difficult to install and introduce a credit card reader for customers, and your sales will likely skyrocket. You don’t have to take every single form of payment, e.g. checks, but the more you do offer, the more sales you can guarantee.


Use The Right Colors

Using the right colors in your physical store and offline marketing tactics is important. Colors are one of the biggest things that appeal to consumer’s subconscious more than anything. For example, that’s why you’ll find so many discount stores using the color red. It gives a sense of urgency, and red can be associated with bargains. Make sure you’re choosing the colors that will get the right reaction from your customers!

Use Online Techniques To Make More Offline Sales

You can even use online techniques to make more offline sales. For example, sending out email newsletters with discount codes could encourage customers to buy from you. You can also host competitions on social media to raise brand awareness and get more exposure. Online and offline marketing techniques go hand in hand.


Work On Your Offline Marketing Tactics

Offline marketing techniques are important too, so make sure you’re doing everything you can offline. This could be giving out business cards and leaving them in relevant places. You can even get somebody to hand out flyers with discount codes and offers.

Make Sure Your Staff Know How To Upsell

Your staff should also know how to upsell if you want to get the most from your sales. This isn’t to say you should make them obnoxious and pushy, as this will deter people from working with you. However, they should have a good knowledge of what you offer and be able to recommend things to consumers accordingly.