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The best gifts for the traveller in your life

With Christmas around the corner, you may find that there are a few people you simply haven’t yet bought for. It could be that they’re too tricky to buy for, or they’re constantly on the go so it’s hard to know which gifts are the best choice.

Personally, as someone who has done a lot of travelling and seen so many different places, I have a pretty good idea of what types of gifts will appeal to those with wanderlust.

Here are the best gifts for the traveller in your life:


Gift Cards

I know, I know, these can seem like a copout. But for those on the go, gift cards are great because you can choose when to use them, and grab something you’ve been wanting for awhile. Personally, Amazon is always a good bet, as you can get something to be delivered the next time you’re in the states, and other good options are iTunes, or Starbucks gift cards. Starbucks is a great way to ensure that your loved one will have access to coffee while they’re on the go, and you can guarantee they’ll think of you every time they swipe their code.


Most travellers spend a large amount of time on planes, trains, and buses. For this reason, a good pair of headphones is a must, and will save them from hours spent listening to babies crying. While beats headphones are an excellent option, they’re definitely on the pricey side so you may want to check out Urbanears, which has a huge amount of colours and styles- including gorgeous baby pink ones (I’m in love), and wireless options for those with the iPhone 7.



I’ve been wanting a GoPro for what feels like forever, and that’s next on my budget if Santa doesn’t quite remember this Christmas. These cameras can be used everywhere, and are popular with adventurers who love to go diving and snorkeling, and especially those who love to jump off tall things.


Most travellers have seen how hard the world really is for so many people. I don’t know many people who travel as much as I do that don’t feel some form of social responsibility and feel lucky that they’re able to live the lives they do simply because they won the “uterus lottery” and were born in a country with opportunities, education, jobs, and even the basics like clean water.

If there’s one thing that travel has taught me, it’s that there is a huge gap between the haves and have-nots. And that gap is widening every day.  Regular gifts from Oxfam are an excellent Christmas gift for those who have very little and you can donate online here.

One gift I would like to receive is care for mums and babies. Let’s face it, as a woman, I’m particularly concerned with maternal heath care, and this gift helps Oxfam create community health centres, staff, water, and sanitation so they have help if they become sick. If you’re scratching your head over gifts this Christmas, give the gift of giving and you’ll be sure to a put a smile on your favourite traveller’s face.