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Five Summer Jobs That Can Help You Save

When it comes to saving money, for whatever reason you have in mind, it often comes down to getting either a second job, or a weekend/summer job. Whilst you might groan, cover your eyes and say ‘noooo’, remember the positives – you could meet lots of new people, you might find a new profession that you really enjoy, and the main one of all – you earn more money.

There are many different options out there for the person who needs to earn extra cash, and if you are wanting a summer job to boost your finances, then there are lots of avenues you can go down.


Season work

If you live close to a major theme park, then this is the perfect opportunity to grab some fun in the sun, whilst earning cash at the same time. You will probably only earn minimum wage, but it’s something at least. You will find theme parks are always looking for extra staff, even if it’s in the kitchen and bar areas, or out dressed up as a character. It’s fun, it’s money, and you’re bound to make new friends too.

Bar work

There is obviously an influx around summer of people hitting the beer gardens, and that in turn means most bars will be needing more staff. Bar work is a very sociable way of earning cash, and in some cases you might get tips too. It’s just a case of keeping your eyes open for advertisements, or taking matters into your own hands and calling into a place you’d like to work, armed with your CV and a big smile.

Event work

Throughout summer there are numerous sporting, musical and other events going on, usually outdoors. Festivals for example, these are fantastic ways to get to see bands for free, again meet new people, and earn cash whilst you’re doing it. Sometimes this will be a volunteer situation, so do check that out first, but there are paid positions out there, it’s just a case of asking and applying well in advance, because these types of summer jobs get snapped up very quickly.


Garden centres

Now bear with me, this might sound a bit random, but what do you do when the sun shines of a weekend? Many people head for a garden centre, so it makes sense that more staff may be needed. Call into your local centre with your CV, and even if they don’t have any vacancies at the time, ask for them to keep your CV for future opportunities that may arise.

Head to the coast

Holiday time means more people heading to the seaside, and that is a great opportunity to earn some cash, whilst having fun in the sun. Be it a beach cleaning job, a lifeguard, a hotel receptionist, basically anything summer related, you will find it up and down the country. Again, apply in good time because everyone generally has the same idea.

Combining your money earning needs with some summer fun is the perfect way to take your mind off the fact you are actually working. Meet new people, get a tan, collect some memories, and laugh your way to the bank.