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Four Ways to Save Costs on Your Water Bills

Money, money, money, that’s all it seems to be about these days! If you’re not spending money, you’re trying to make it, and then you find that your house somehow makes it all evaporate away with the cost of household bills. It’s no fun.

Because of this, it’s important to try and cut costs here and there if at all possible, and slashing your water bill by being a little clever, is the best way to do just that.

It’s not really rocket science either, because just by being a bit more aware of the amount of water you’re using, or being a little more frugal, could really save you big over the space of a year or so.

Here are four suggestions for shaving a little off the cost of your water bill.


Use the dishwasher

That might sound ridiculous, because surely using a huge machine such as a dishwasher will cost more, right? No! Dishwashers, when only used for a full load, use less water than hand washing. What better excuse to not get your hands dirty?

Use a faucet aerator

You might already have one of these if you have relatively new equipment, but if you don’t, consider installing one, because this will save you money. Basically this is a piece of kit that screws on the bottom of the faucet and reduces your water flow, without affecting pressure. It might sound a bit technical but it does work.


Use a low flow shower head

Again, this is about upgrading your equipment, as a lot of the time, new developments have cost cutting and environmental savings in mind. Using a low flow shower head instead of a regular one uses much less water per minute, which when you think about it, over the course of a month or so, is a huge saving.

Speaking of showers …

Cut out the baths if you can, or at least limit them to once a week or so, and shower during the rest of the time. It is thought that an average bath uses around 35 gallons of water, but a shower uses much less. You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure out that you’re going to save quite a lot of water use, and therefore money, if you switch your bathing habits!

As you can see, we’re not talking huge changes really, just here and there, and maybe changing your routine slightly to accommodate your cost cutting endeavours. Your purse or wallet will thank you for it!