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Gadgets on a Budget

Saving money is the name of the game these days, and when it comes to buying electricals that can be difficult. Like most things in life, it’s a case of being clever and looking around before you commit to anything, but there are a few other avenues you can go down, to make sure you get the cheaper deals for your necessary, and sometimes unnecessary, gadgets.


Shop around

This is the obvious one, but it is probably the biggest saver. If you’re after a major electrical, look on a price comparison site and see where the cheaper deals are.

Wait for sales

January sales, mid-summer sales, basically any old sale will do! If you know you’re going to need to buy a particular item, wait until the sales are on and then head off to see what you can find.

Closing down?

Sometimes when large electrical stores close down, the bargains can be ridiculously good, so if you do hear a whisper about such and such having a closing down sale, make sure you’re at the front of the queue.


Consider second hand

There is nothing wrong with going second hand, provided the quality is adequate. Car boot sales, eBay, buy and sell pages on Facebook, word of mouth, these are all ways to find yourself a second hand bargain, and in some instances, the quality can be just as good as new. Some people really do throw away top quality stuff, and like they say, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure!

Do you really need the most up to date product?

Obviously the more up to date items will cost the most, but a lot of the time this is just for show, because are you really going to need all the extra functions it promises you? You more often than not don’t need an all singing, all dancing item, and if you can make do with something less flashy, but equally as effective, then do it.

Can you share?

This isn’t an option that’s going to work for everyone, but if you have a housemate, or someone who also wants the same thing and you can share it, consider this and split the cost between you.

It really is a case of shopping around, I guess that’s the bottom line, and what it really all comes down to. Sales are always going to be your best bet, and let’s face it, there’s always a sale on somewhere!