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Affordable tips for creating stunning effects in the home with tiles

You can add a touch of style and originality to any room of the home using tiles, and what’s more, you will find tiling extremely affordable. Modern homes utilise tiles in a variety of different ways, they’re not just relegated to kitchens and bathrooms nowadays and can create unique effects and features.

Tiles can add a luxurious appearance to rooms and can be used as accent features in borders or alcoves or create a stunning feature wall. If you’re planning a makeover, take a good look at your rooms and think about ways in which you can incorporate wall or floor tiles into the layout.

Tips for tiling around the home

Hallways and entrances are often neglected when it comes to decorating the home, yet they provide the all-important first impression of your home. Adding porcelain wall tiles to a hallway is one way to create an instant “wow” factor whenever you enter your home and there are a vast number of warm and striking designs of porcelain wall tiles on the market, many of them featuring unique shapes to create a stunning design on walls.

Living rooms impart a luxurious feel when tiles are included in feature walls or decorative accents. Mosaics and metal mosaic wall tiles can be used to create borders in the living room or to decorate a feature wall or alcove area entirely. If you’re thinking about tiling your floor, it is important to take the time to research and find a floor tile that meets your requirements exactly. Stone floor tiles are extremely hardwearing and the use of geometric shapes will create a striking pattern that becomes a real focal point of your living room. You can select a wide variety of types of floor tile, including ceramic, porcelain, slate, marble and quartz.

Tiles are perfect for bathrooms, they add functionality and a classic appearance. Don’t be afraid to opt for patterned or coloured tiles in your bathroom or to complete your decor with a distinguished mosaic border to add life and style to the room. A section of feature tiling in a striking colour and pattern around sinks or baths will complement the rest of the bathroom and create a stunning, eye-catching feature.

You can create a relaxing bedroom sanctuary when you combine wall and floor tiles with comfortable soft furnishings. Larger tiles in neutral colours look great on bedroom walls, as there are fewer grout lines and the plainer colour palette enhances the warmth of pillows, cushions and bedding. What’s more, tiling your bedroom walls in this manner gives an increased sense of spaciousness to the room.

Ease of cleaning and durable longevity are some of the major advantages of tiling around the home, not to mention that tiling is so affordable. Once you’ve fitted tiles to walls or floors in the home, they will just need regular cleaning to look immaculate at all times. You can even use some of your leftover tiles to jazz up furnishings, for instance framing old mirrors or tiling table tops to add instant appeal and a new lease of life.