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DIY Tools you Need to Invest in, to Save Money Longterm

When it comes to DIY, there are some jobs that you can do at home. It does mean that you need the right tools and it is better that you have these in advance. Between practical courses, YouTube tutorials, and online step-by-step guides there is a lot of money to be saved by digging in and taking care of a job that needs doing. Make sure you get your tools from a reputable source like because there is nothing worse than getting halfway through a job and your tools breaking or bending.

So here is a list of tools that come in super handy. Buy them in advance, keep them in good working order and whenever you need a job doing around the home, you’ll be ready.

A Sledgehammer – combining brute force and utility, great for splitting logs, breaking small walls, getting fence posts into the ground – just to name a few. They aren’t too expensive and come in very handy.

A socket wrench set – because you can never be sure exactly which one you’ll need it is better to make sure you have a size for every occasion. You can work on the car, putting bikes and scooters together or some appliances, Very handy.

A shovel – handy, aside from digging it can be used to lever, cut or pry. To use this correctly, you should use your weight and legs rather than putting all the pressure on your arms.

A cordless drill – Useful for putting furniture together, put up shelves, and no longer are you beholden to the plug socket with the cordless variety.

Flashlight – useful to have one in the car and the home. In case of any power cut.

Multi-bit Screwdriver – because whenever you want a flat head, you can only find a Philips and vice versa. Having an interchangeable head is just much easier.

Extension ladder – really helpful for high ceiling painting projects, cleaning outside windows and more. Try to purchase one that reaches at least 7 feet longer than the height you need.

A step ladder – usually most things in the house can be reached with ease with the use of step ladder, fitting higher shelves, changing bulbs, even dusting the corners of the room.

Extension Cord – eve been halfway through a job, and the power cord limits your progress? An extension cord puts a stop to that.

Bow Rake – a simple tool but really handy to have, the garden is one of the places that really need a rake to be taken care of properly. Flattening out gravel, raking up leaves, moving tangled up sticks or more substantial material.

The idea is, that is you have a well-stocked DIY cupboard or outhouse with plenty of high-quality tools. If you can take care of many garden and household DIY chores you’ll save money year on year.

BONUS: remember safety items like goggles, dust masks, and ear muffs. Safety while using the above tools is a priority, and of course, if you think a DIY job is beyond your skill set then hire a professional.