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Clean up your home and lighten your load this year

Having a clean and organised home is key if you’re hoping to meet your goals this year. It’s hard to move forward with our lives when we’re surrounded by clutter, especially if you work from home or spend a lot of time chilling in your house.

Here are some ways you can clean up your home and lighten your load this year:


Spring Clean

It doesn’t need to be spring, but make a commitment and spend a weekend cleaning up your home and you’ll find that it’ll definitely pay off. Start in your bedroom and go through your closet. Take out each piece of clothing and ask yourself if you can remember the last time you wore that item. If it was more than a year ago, it’s time to give it to someone who will be more appreciative. Do this in every area of your home, and clean out the kitchen drawers, the spare room, all of the closets and the bathrooms.

Lighten up

So you’ve found a bunch of clothes and household goods that you haven’t been using right? Have a garage sale and try to sell the lot, so that your hand-me-downs can go to better homes. Any clothes that don’t sell can be put in the clothing bins at the local supermarket, and furniture and other household items can be given to charity or passed onto friends.


Store it away

If you’re moving to a smaller place, or have things you want out of the house but don’t want to get rid of them, consider storing them at Fort Knox. For a small fee, you can get that stuff out of sight and out of mind, while still having access to it if you need to. Clearing space in your home is great for your mindset and energy levels, and if you’re not ready to get rid of the items but you don’t want them around, putting them into a storage is a great option until you’re ready to part with them for good.

And if you’ve been wanting to go traveling but feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get rid of your stuff, putting it all in storage means that you have one less excuse or problem holding you back from heading overseas.

Commit to buying less

Once your home is all clean and cleared out, it’s time to think about your buying habits. There’s no point having a spring clean if you’ll immediately replace items with new things, so make a commitment that you’ll think twice before buying new clothes, and only buy things that are “classic” or necessary like a winter coat or black heels for work. You’re likely to find that you don’t really need new things, and you’ll save a ton of money that you can then put into your savings account or for a holiday.

Here are some of my tips for keeping your home tidy all throughout the year. Do you have any more suggestions? Feel free to let me know in the comments section.