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7 Ways to Make Money Easy by Traveling to Australia

Australia is an incredible country, but unlike Southeast Asia or Central America it can be very expensive to travel here, and you may find that your travel fund quickly disappears.

The best option is to have some income coming in, so that you don’t risk running out of money while you’re seeing the amazing sights in Australia.

So how can you make money while you’re traveling? Here are 7 popular ways:


1. Freelance

Whether you’re a designer, fancy yourself to be a bit of a writer, or have another relevant skill, freelancing can give you an income that you can count on while you’re traveling. Don’t expect it to be a piece of cake, and be prepared to spend many nights working while other travelers are taking advantage of happy hour, but you’ll be able to travel for longer and have a consistent amount of money coming in if you find regular clients.

2. Play online

Did you know that you can win real money by playing online pokies at In fact playing online is both a fun and easy way to make money- as long as you know when to stop.

3. Rent out your home

Do you have a house that you own or a place that you rent? Consider putting it on Airbnb so you can earn an income while you’re away. You may need to arrange for a friend to meet and greet people who want to stay, but by renting out your home you’ll be able to cover the rent or mortgage and maybe have some left over.


4. Work in Australia

Did you know that many countries can get a working visa for Australia? Whether you fancy working in a bar, picking fruit, or something else, you’ll find that actually earning money in Australia will make life much easier and you’ll have much more money for your travel fund.

5. Start a blog

Don’t expect this one to be easy, but if you have a compelling story and a way with words, starting a blog can be a great way to make some side income. Your best bet is to start way before you leave since monetizing a blog takes a long time, and you don’t necessary have to start in the travel niche- it could be a lifestyle, expat or personal finance blog instead.

6. Sell your things

If you’re planning to be away for a while, selling all of the things that you would otherwise put in storage is a great way to add hundreds or thousands to your savings, giving you some room to do things like head to Uluru or dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

7. Start a business

Whether you make things on the side or you’ve always had a great business idea, if you can do it from anywhere, now is the time to make it happen.