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Finding a new job

A huge part of watching your spending and becoming comfortable with your personal finances is to be happy with your means of making money. It’s great if you love your job, but if isn’t covering your bills or you don’t have enough left over to buy what you need, it isn’t properly serving its function.

It’s at that point when you need to ask yourself: Is it time to look for a new job? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ve got some crucial steps to take before landing your next role.


Update your CV or Resumé

This may be a boring and tedious first step to landing your new role, but it is crucial and makes all the difference. Sit down and add the information from your most recent job, if it’s not already there. Make the most of your key responsibilities and the skills you’ve needed to complete your tasks.

Once all of the information is in, review your CV. Does it look too full? Consider the things you can take out – perhaps jobs you had when you were studying or any voluntary work that has been trumped by paid employment. Keep it to two pages and focus on the key information.

Think again. Is there another way you can present the data? Add a subtle splash of colour, re-format the headings or highlight key information. You want to stand out from the get-go, and your CV is how your future employer will first see you.

Target your next workplace

Once your CV is looking snazzy, it’s time to start contacting new work places. Are there any companies in your area that you’d love to work for? Check their websites and see if they’re recruiting. If they’re not, send a speculative CV on email, with a polite letter that details your experience and the reasons why you admire their work. Make a top 10 list of your ideal companies and work through them first.

Sign up for job alerts on recruitment websites and get in touch with local recruiters who are on the lookout for fresh talent. Publically list your now perfected CV online, on LinkedIn and on some of your preferred job sites, and potential recruiters will come to you.

Be patient. This is a gradual process, and rarely happens overnight, so don’t feel disheartened if you’re not offered an interview straight away. You’ll have the perfect skills for the right job, so just play the waiting game.


Invest in an interview outfit

When the brilliant time comes that you’re offered an interview, it’s time to think smart. It’s unlikely – though it would be great – that you’d get the first interview you go for, but chances are you’ll have a few before landing your dream job.

It’s therefore a smart move to invest in one high-quality, strong interview outfit that will last you through this round of interviews and perhaps future ones.


Nothing suggests you’re serious about a job more than a suit. Choosing the right one will make you look smart and formal, and can be used for dressier occasions with friends and family. The Skopes suit by House of Fraser is a good example of this, with a luxury charcoal suit jacket that can be tweaked to incorporate your personal style.


A simple, black interview dress is always a good choice. It isn’t based on trends, and never goes out of style. You can choose a cut that makes you feel comfortable and keeps you looking professional for your interview. This Ellen Tracy fitted dress by House of Fraser is fun, flattering and formal, but there are other black interview dresses to suit all tastes and body types.

Interview tactics

Once you’re in and looking good, it’s time for the interview. Arm yourself with the basics, including:

  • Information about the company, and where your role would fit within it
  • Tales of your day-to-day work, and past achievements
  • Details of when you’ve handled something difficult, or overcame a challenge
  • A good idea of how your skills match their job description
  • An example of how you stand out against the competition

There’s your whistle-stop tour of applying for your next position. Follow these tips, and make sure to be yourself at all times!