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Car trends-External Car airbag

It is 2018 and every one has a car or wants to get a car. That means that is a lot of traffic in the roads. The roads were already crowded as it was but well that will not stop us from buying more cars. Anyways, that is not the core of the matter today. We are more concerned about the safety of the passengers inside the car. That is why ZF has modified the cars to have not only internal but also external air bags.

Who is ZF?

ZF which originally means Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen is a company that is located in Germany. The name of the company is abbreviated as Zahnradfabrik, which means Gear Factory. The company specializes in making car parts. That would explain how they came up with the amazing innovation of making an external car airbag. An innovation that easily equals mobile Rand online casinos in terms of ingenuity.

External Car Airbag

What made the company come up with the idea of making an external car airbag was the number of accidents that were occurring on the roads every day. As a result, ZF wants to make sure that every car sold in 2019 has the new and improved airbag.

The airbag is designed to be at the side of the car. This meaning to say that it deploys when the car gets into a collision. It is designed to be just like the internal airbag in a bag, with the same inflator mechanism.

The airbag deploys within 100 milliseconds that way to erase the chances of death by car collision. Alongside the external car, the airbag is a sensor system. It is this system that will determine the chances of the car getting involved in an accident or not. Did you know that you can play casino games and stand a chance to win great prizes?

ZF believed that the innovation would be available for car tests in 2019. Other car companies can purchase a license to install the external car bags. When the production starts, it is assumed that ZF could use drones to deliver the necessary parts to build the airbags.